No Game No Life Season 2: Release Date and Latest Updates 2021
No Game No Life Season 2

Will we ever get ‘No Game No Life Season 2’ yet? Why there is no second season yet? When will it release? Here are all the latest updates.

Are you surfing on the internet for No Game No Life Season 2? Well, not only you, millions of fans across the globe are waiting for the next season of the Isekai anime. No Game No Life is a popular Isekai anime based on a novel of the same name. The first season composed of 12 episodes started airing in Japan on April 9, 2014 and concluded on June 25, 2014. Since then the fans are waiting for updates on the next season of the anime series.

Fans are questioning why there is no sequel even after seven years since the hugely successful season 1 was released. Without the second season, we will never get to know about Sora and Shiro’s battle against other races of Disboard or see if they succeeded in defeating the God of games Teto.

Will there be No Game No Life Season 2?

The best way to find out if there will be another season of an anime is by having a look at its source material, sales, and buzz and hype (trend). We have analyzed these factors for No Game No Life. Based on our research, here is what we feel about the possibility of its second season. Let’s discuss all major factors in detail:

Is There Enough Source Material For No Game No Life Season 2?

Almost every anime has its source material in the manga, light novels, games, etc. For No Game No Life, the source material is a light novel series. No Game No Life also has two manga series based on the light novels series. We have to find out how many volumes of light novels have been released to date, how many volumes the first season adapted, and how many volumes are expected to release.

How many volumes of No Game No Life light novel have been released?

At the time of writing, there are 11 light novel volumes available for No Game No Life. The light novel series written by Yū Kamiya and published by Media Factory started publishing on April 25, 2012, and the last volume was released after a gap of three years. It was released on Nov 25, 2021.

Besides, it also has two manga series, of which the other manga is a spin-off. Written and Illustrated by Yū Kamiya, the manga series was first released on November 23, 2013, and the last one was released on January 23, 2018.

How many volumes of light novel series were covered in the first season?

No Game No Life Season 1 aired from April 9, 2014, to June 25, 2014, adapted Volume 1 to Volume 3 of the light novel series. Also, the movie, No Game No Life covered the whole Volume 6 of the light novel series. It means 7 volumes are still available for adaptation to anime series.

Is No Game No Life novel still ongoing?

The author Yū Kamiya has written two books, one in 2016 and the other in 2018. After a gap of three years, Volume 11 was released on Nov 25, 2021.

Seven volumes of ‘No Game No Life’ novel series are still left to be adapted. This is more than enough source material considering that the first season used only 3 volumes.

No Game No Life Season 2: Sales & Profit Information

Profit and sales of an anime series are important factors in predicting the future of the anime series. An anime series should drive adequate profit to its makers, and if it doesn’t, it demotivates the makers to go for another season and incur such high expenses.

For No Game No Life, we only have one season released yet. So we just have to focus on how the season performed and how much profit/loss it made for makers. Anime creation requires a lot of investment. Anime series like No Game No Life requires an investment of around 2.5 to 3 Million dollars.

Many anime series fail badly and do not even manage to recover the investment. For example in the case of Tokyo Ravens hence there is no Tokyo Ravens season 2 to date. The same is the case with Chivalry of a Failed Knight season 2.

Blu-Ray Sales for No Game No Life

Blu-ray is not much popular nowadays. Very few people these days purchase Blu-ray disks as most of the animes are available on OTT platforms. Talking about No Game No Life, it got released on six disks in Japan, and each sold, on average, around 9,000 copies.

Also, the series got a BD-Box on February 24, 2016. It sold around 1,000 copies. The chances of getting a continuation are much more if the series Blu-ray sales cross over 10,000 copies per disk.

No Game No Life Light Novel Series Sales

Volume 10 released in 2018 sold around 170,000 copies. Volume 9 of the series, released in 2016, sold over 160,000 copies.

The sales of the Light Novel Series are terrific, to say the least. In fact, it is in the top 5 best sellers by volume along with series like Overlord.

No Game No Life Merchandise and Movie Profit

The series has 45 figures available as the merchandise that includes Schwi, Izuna, Stephanie, Jibril, Shiro. Merchandise sales are also pretty good and it definitely gives a good chance for No Game No Life season 2.

The movie No Game No Life: Zero, an adaptation of volume 6 of the novel series, was released on July 17, 2016. It earned ¥700,000,000 i.e. around $6.5 Million. The film also sold approximately 40,000 Blu-Ray copies in Japan, which was a massive success. So, the movie actually turned out a profitable venture for the studio.

Other than these sources, No Game No Life also makes a profit from the international license for Crunchyroll, streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and other platforms, collaboration with advertisers, and other collaborations.

No Game No Life franchise made a good amount of money for its creators through novel series, manga, movie, and merchandise. So, profitability shouldn’t be a reason for creators to stop producing season 2.

Buzz and hype for No Game No Life Season 2

In deciding the destiny of an anime series, the most important is to have a look at its buzz and hype. In most cases, sequels are less popular than the first season. There are occasions when there is no buzz or hype for another season. This generally happens when the first season fails to meet the expectations. That’s what happened to Tokyo Ravens and why there is no Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

We can check the buzz and hype for an anime by looking at its official website, Google Trends, Social Media Handle, and new merchandise.

Google Trends

At the time of its release in 2014, the popularity of the anime was at its peak. Since then, there is a huge drop in the trend of No Game No Life. When the movie No Game No Life: Zero was released, the trend went up by 30%. Still, No Go No Life term has an average monthly search of around 185K worldwide.

Social Media Handles and Website

Having 124,000 followers, the official Twitter account of NGNL was newly updated with a post of NGNL on Abema TV in March 2020. The anime has a superb ranking on MyAnimeList with more than 1,890,000 members.

New Merchandise

Some new figures of merchandise have been announced recently at WonFes in 2020. These figures were of Shiro, Jibril, and Schwi. It is excellent news that when the series has been lowed down, new merchandise is being announced. This increases more chances of getting a Season 2.

Even after six years of the first season’s release, No Game No Life is popular among fans. So, popularity shouldn’t be an issue with the creators.

Is there a release date for No Game No Life Season 2? 

There are reasons for and against the continuation of No Game No Life anime. The series may or may not get its second season. Looking at its source material, the drawback is that volumes of the light novel series are publishing very slowly. Only three volumes were released in the last four years. Volume 11 was released after a gap of three years. We also heard that there were some health issues with the novelist Yū Kamiya. The same issue is with Noragami novel writer and that’s why we don’t have Noragami Season 3 yet.

Moving to the most important factor, profit and sales, we found that the series has made a satisfactory profit through Blu-ray copies, Light Novel Series, Movie, and Merchandise sales. The only barrier in the sales and profit section is Blu-ray sales, not that wasn’t bad either.

Coming to the popularity of the series, it has a big fan base but the fans are leaving their support as a matter of time. It’s have been a very long time since the anime and the movie got released. The anime is slowly deleting from everyone’s memory. However, new merchandise helps it a lot, and the movie as well pulled up the trend for the series.

We can say that all you have to do is to wait. There is hope that the series will get another season, it’s just a matter of time. The light novel volumes are getting released very slowly. Also, the production house is busy with the production of other animes shows and movies.

There is a 70% chance that there will be No Game No Life Season 2 though there is a 30% chance of not getting it.

No Game No Life Plot 

The anime series follows a group of human gamers seeking to beat the god of games. They are trying to do so at a series of board games in order to usurp the god’s throne.

No Game No Life Characters

A look at lead characters and their voiceover artists:

Sora and Shiro: Sora is an eighteen-year-old male who is a genius in making strategies while his eleven-year-old stepsister, Shiro, excels at calculations and logic.

Suno | Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese); Scott Gibbs (English)

Shiro| Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese); Caitlynn French Gibbs (English)

Stephanie Dola: Stephanie is a teenage girl and granddaughter to the previous king of Elkia, a nation inhabited by humans. She has a lot of knowledge but lacks the intuition to win games.

Stephanie Dola | Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa (Japanese); Sara Ornelas (English)

No Game No Life English Dub

You can stream the English dubbed episodes of ‘No Game No Life’ on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. You can also stream it on Netflix with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. No Game No Life: Zero movie is available with subtitles on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HiDive.

What are your views on No Game No Life season 2? Share with us in the comments section. You can check more details about other animes here.