Is Solo Leveling Anime Happening? When Will It Premiere?

Solo Leveling Anime: Season 1 Release Rumors, News and Updates
Solo Leveling anime adaptation

Solo Leveling anime: The fans of Solo Leveling Manhwa has been demanding its anime adaptation for a long time. Is Solo Leveling anime officially happening? Here’s everything you need to know.

The completion of the first season of Solo Leveling Manhwa has made fans quite excited for its anime adaptation. Several rumours regarding Solo Leveling anime are spreading in the anime community and on various manhwa and manga forums. But, are these rumours true? Is Solo Leveling anime officially happening? Here’s everything you need to know about.

Since its release in 2018, Solo Leveling has emerged as one the most successful manhwas of all time. It has made a distinctive place in the hearts of fans. In no time, it became the most-read webtoon available on the internet. Season 1 of manhwa comprising of 110 episodes concluded in March 2020. The second season premiered in Aug 2021. Chapter 179 of the manhwa was released on Dec 29, 2021.

Solo Leveling is probably the best manhwa of all time. It is ranked #1 in the top manhwa list of Myanimelist with an 8.86/10 score from 250,000+ users. So, the fans are super excited about its anime adaptation.

Such is the craze for the Solo Leveling franchise that the fans have started a petition on to raise their voice for its anime adaptation. Fans are hoping their voices to get heard by some notable anime studio. More than 2,00,000 requests have already been signed which pretty much tells about the craze among the fans.

Apart from the petitions, fans are also filling Netflix forms for requesting movies and TV shows. In one of the Polls conducted by AnimeJapan in 2021, asking what manga or Asian comic would the viewers want to be adapted into an anime, the “Solo Leveling” came second.

Will there be a ‘Solo Leveling’ anime?

The rumours circulating about the anime adaptation are partially true and partially false. So, will we ever get Solo Leveling anime adaptation? Well, considering the popularity of the manhwa and the demand for its anime adaptation, we would definitely get Solo Leveling anime sooner or later.

Many popular Korean Manhwa like Tower Of God, The God of High School have already been adapted into anime. So, an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling looks pretty much on cards. Moreover, the popularity of the manhwa is one of the driving factors. With a live-action movie and a video game already being announced, it’s only a matter of time before the anime adaptation gets into production.

Solo Leveling anime release date

As of today (Jan 27, 2022), we still haven’t got any official news about Solo Leveling anime. But we are pretty sure as per our sources have confirmed that we will get Solo Leveling anime in future. Some sources have revealed that the work on the anime adaptation is under process in the background.

There have been assumptions on the basis of leaks. One of the leaks was recently discovered on Weibo, the Chinese social network site. It disclosed that the Solo Leveling anime is in production by Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Sung-Rak.

If the anime is announced early next year (2022) then expect it to be on our TV screens in 2023. D&C Media even released a Solo Leveling trailer which signifies that we will get an anime adaptation sooner or later. You can watch the trailer right here:

Solo Leveling Plot

Solo Leveling has a very ongoing and promising storyline. The story revolves around a very weak hunter, Sung Jin-Woo who struggles and become an S-rank hunter with ultimate powers. After some days, Jin-Woo flounders into a D-rank dungeon which seems to be much stronger though.

Here, Jin-Woo is ready to accept death standing in front of him. Then comes the best part, he doesn’t get death, rather a mysterious power due to which he can see a quest log, same as games. Just like in the games, he can complete quests and become stronger along with the increase in his rank.

With increasing ranks and powers, the whole world wants him but he himself wants to be a Solo Leveler only. That’s his legacy. The anime would really be too exciting and promising to watch. We would recommend you to read the manga or manhwa if you can’t wait for anime.

How many episodes would the anime comprise?

Fans are also eagerly waiting to know how many episodes would the Solo Leveling anime adaptation have? As per the sources, the first season of Solo Leveling anime would have 12 episodes and it would soon release a season 2 for the other episodes.

Well, the sources also say that the first season of anime would comprise 24 episodes and the rest of the episode would be taken in the second season of anime adapted from the manhwa. However, we cannot predict everything on our own. This is what our sources say and for official information, we would have to wait.

Controversy related to Solo Leveling franchise

The Solo Leveling franchise has been in controversy due to the portrayal of Japan in a negative light in the manhwa and web novel. Fans believe that because of this reason the chances of getting an anime adaptation have declined. However, the fans are trying their best to convince big companies like Netflix to adapt the manhwa into anime.


It has not been officially confirmed that an anime would be adapted out of Solo Leveling manhwa. Though we are 100% sure that sooner or later we will get it.

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