Free! Season 4 Release Date Updates and Upcoming Movie Details
Free! anime series

Free! is a Japanese anime TV series produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. The first two seasons are loosely based on the light novel titled High Speed!, written by Kōji Ōji. The first season titled Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club, premiered on July 4, 2013. After the success of the first season, the series was renewed for the second season, titled Free! – Eternal Summer, which made its premiere on July 3, 2014.

After a gap of three years, an anime movie titled Free! – Take Your Marks, was released on October 28, 2017. Soon after the release of the movie, the makers announced the third season of the TV series which premiered on July 12, 2018. Hiroko Utsumi directed the first two seasons, while season three was directed by Eisaku Kawanami. The last episode of season three was released on Sep 26, 2018, and since then the fans are waiting for an official update on the fourth season. Here’s is everything we know about Free! season 4:

Free! Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Season 3 titled Free! – Dive to the Future, released on July 12, 2018. The final episode premiered on Sep 26, 2018, ended with a message “See you in 2020.” While everyone was expecting the show to return for season four in 2020, it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Though there is no official update on season 4, Kyoto Animation has announced that the two-part film series Free! The Final Stroke will premiere in September 2021 and April 2022, respectively. This film series certainly gives hope for another season if we look at the history of Free!

After the second season, a movie was released in 2017 which served as a prequel to Season 3. So, if the studio Kyoto Animation follows the same pattern, season 4 may get announced in 2021 or 2022. Well, these are just speculations, as we wait for an official announcement to be made.

Free! movie details

Let’s have a look at all the movies in the Free! anime series and also the movies to be released:

High Speed! Free! Starting Days is the first movie in the Free! movie series. Based on the second volume of the novel series, it was released on December 5, 2015.

A film trilogy was released in 2017. The first two films titled Free! Timeless Medley – the Bond and Free! Timeless Medley – the Promise, were the compilations of both seasons of the anime.

The third film in the trilogy titled, Free! Take Your Marks released in 2017 is a sequel to the second season of the anime series. A compilation film titled Free! Road to the World – the Dream, surrounding the third season, debuted in July 2019.

Upcoming movies in the franchise

The next film in the franchise was originally scheduled for release in 2020 alongside the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. On the 8th anniversary of the first episode of Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club, Kyoto Animation announced that the film Free!–the Final Stroke– will be released in two parts, the first part on September 17, 2021, and the second part on April 22, 2022.

Free! anime English Dub

For English viewers, Free! anime is available on various platforms with an excellent English dub. If you want to watch Free! in English, you can find dubbed episodes on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Amazon Prime.