Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date, Updates: Will The Anime Return?
Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date, Updates

Tower Of God anime season 2: What are the chances of Tower Of God anime to get renewed for second season? Probable release date and more details.

Will the Tower Of God anime return for a second season? Before answering this question let’s dig deep into the Tower of God franchise. Tower of God is a South Korean manhwa webtoon series that debuted in 2010. It received official English translations by Line Webtoon beginning in July 2014. The webtoon series has garnered immense popularity over the years and is still ongoing.

The popular manhwa franchise released a mobile role playing game in 2013 which also became hugely popular. part from the mobile game, Tower of God gets its anime adaptation on 2020. The first season of the anime TV show comprising of 13 episodes aired in Japan from April 1, 2020 to June 24, 2020.

The original network was Tokyo MX, and the English network was Aniplus Asia. The series was licensed by and was available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The anime directed by Takashi Sano, produced by Joseph Chou, and written by Erika Yoshida. Crunchyroll licensed and simulcasted the Japanese broadcast version of the anime for its streaming service.

Tower Of God’s first season was well received by the anime fans for its well-crafted content and visual animation. The critics also loved the series for its precise adaptation of the manhwa. Season 1 had 13 episodes. It’s been around a year since last episode premiered and the fans are now interested to know if there will be more of anime episodes.

Will there be Tower of God anime season 2?

We would like to tell you that there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the makers that the Tower of God will return for the second season. So let’s not get too excited about it, and let’s not expect anything too hastily.

Let’s try to analyze the possibility of the second season based on the source material and popularity. Tower of God manhwa has been going on for more than 10 years now. There is no shortage of source material as season 1 has just 13 episodes. The popularity and demand for for anime episodes is high.

Also, the first season of anime, along with the manhwa webtoon, has made quite a massive profit, enough for the makers to go ahead with Tower of God season 2. In no way it can be a one-season anime.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

Tower of God Season 2 hasn’t been officially renewed yet. So, saying anything about its release date would be too soon. Speaking to Anime News Network earlier in the year, director of Crunchyroll, Carter Hahnselle said: “I can’t share too much more beyond that right now, but again we’re so glad that fans all over the world have been enjoying the show.”

If season 2 gets a clearance from Crunchyroll and the animation studio starts working on it in the next couple of months, we can expect mid-2022 release.

Tower of God Plot

The plot of the Tower of God revolves around a boy, Twenty-Fifth Bam. Yeah, a boy with this strange name. In Korea, Bam means ‘Night’ though the name gives a spiritual significance to a Messiah. So the plot revolves around this Bam guy, and his life revolves around a Tower at the back of which he lived and his best friend, Rachael.

Though when Rachael entered that Tower, Bam was ravaged. Now, Bam is ready to drive to any limits to see Rachael again, even if he is to die in the attempt. The rest of the story circles around his journey through the tower, and he meets many allies that help him in the mission.

News about the Tower of God manhwa writer

The writer of manhwa S.I.U aka Lee Jong Hui was on a break as he was suffering from wrist and back pain. The primary reason for it is that he kept doing his work regularly, taking no rest. He also had some mental health concerns. This news was a setback for the fans. However, after an extended break, S.I.U. – AKA Lee Jong Hui resumed the series as a writer in Nov 2020.

How many episodes will season 2 comprise?

Another important question about the Tower of God anime is how many episodes would it include. The first season of the anime had 13 episodes that started airing on April 1, 2020, and were aired till June 24, 2020.

If we look at the source material, we will find that there is enough source material left, enough to make not even two but three seasons of Tower of God. As per our prediction, the second season would also consist of around 12 to 15 episodes, and if it will be a great success, then gas makers would also release the third season.