About Blog to Bollywood

Created as a small WordPress Bollywood blog in August 2012, Blog to Bollywood (blogtobollywood.com) has become an established name in the Indian blogging space. With two IT guys one passionate about Bollywood and another for the Web, we began our online journey in this magnificent world called the Internet.

In the initial years, we focused more on content related to Bollywood. However, in the past 3-4 years, we have evolved as a major news hub for the entertainment industry. Our team of dedicated authors and journalists works 24/7 365 to bring all the latest happening of the movie and TV industry around the world.

At this point in time, we curate news and updates related to Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and other regional entertainment industries. Besides, we also post content related to OTT and Digital streaming.

Core team

Blog to Bollywood is a brainchild of two IT engineers Umesh Kherajani and Anuj Shrivastava. Umesh’s cinematic knowledge and Anu’s command over web technologies lead to the formation of one of the biggest Bollywood blogs in India.

Over the years, several talented names joined our team. Joined in 2015, Kritika Murari served as the content lead for more than four years. Sana Sheikh, Unnati Madan, Latika Ahuja, Neha Dhyani worked as content curators over the years.

Besides these full-time members, our company has been home to interns who have learnt and made successful careers. Some of them are Tanishjeet Singh, Snigdha Goud and Rohith. You can read more about our team members here.

It has been a dream journey for us with team members enjoying every bit of it. Our plans include covering more niches in the future. We are also planning to add video news in days to come.

Founder and Chief Editor: Umesh Kherajani

Email Id: umesh@blogtobollywood.com

Mobile: +91 8587073542

For any business-related query or complaint, you can reach out to us by emailing at admin@blogtobollywood.com. You can also visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.