B The Beginning Season 3: Release Date, Plot,
B The Beginning Season 3: Release Date, Plot,

B The Beginning Season 3: Here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter of Netflix’s hit anime series.

  • Season 2 of B The Beginning having just 6 episodes arrived on Netflix on March 18, 2021.
  • Netflix hasn’t announced the next season yet. The first two season release dates had a gap of three years
  • Anime series’ take years between seasons. So, we can’t expect the third season to arrive before 2023.

B The Beginning is an original net animation (ONA) series created by Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G for Netflix. The first season premiered on March 2, 2018, and the second one dropped lately on March 18, 2021. Season 1, comprising 12 episodes, received a lot of critical praise. Season 2, having only 6 episodes, acted like a boom to its success. It’s been more than three months since season two dropped on Netflix and the fans are now wondering about the next chapter. Will there be B The Beginning Season 3? Let’s have a look at the details:

B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date Updates

As for the release date, there’s nothing we can expect so early. The first season took two years to release after its official announcement. The second season took another three years to release, and that too comprised only 6 episodes. There is no official announcement from Netflix about the future of the show and the third season.

Anime series’ take years between seasons. One of the prime factors, the makers see while renewing the anime series is popularity and profit. B The Beginning has both these grounds covered. The latest season, as you know, gained a lot of notoriety across the globe. We are certain that after assessing the viewership reports, Netflix will announce the third season. All we have to do is wait for the announcement.

Coming to the season three release date, we are assuming a three-year gap again unless the streamer drops a short 6 episode season or the second half of season two.

What storyline will the next season follow?

The official synopsis of the anime series reads:

In a world powered by advanced technology, crime and action sweep through the archipelagic nation of Cremona. Chief among the major players is Killer B, a vigilante serial killer who has thrown the city into chaos. The stories of the protagonist Koku, Keith, a legendary investigator of the Royal Investigation Service (RIS), and a mysterious criminal organization intertwine on the path to reach their objectives.

Fans were seriously disappointed on getting only six episodes after waiting for a whole long period of three years. Also, because Season 2 had a cliffhanger ending, many fans assumed that this was only the half part and the other will come very soon. Season 2 ended with Koku eventually unearthing out Keith on the edge of an ocean and of death too. Ultimately, Kirisame starts a fight with Koku for declining his offer, and the season ends.

Season 3 will pick up from that moment only. We’ll be seeing the outcome of Kirisame and Koku’s fight. Although no one will die, still a severe injury is possible. The season will also follow the central plot explored in Season 2’s ending. The royal family’s attempt to create a new world order and Kirisame working with the King from the start. Also, Lily of the R.I.S. will be a prime focus of the season as she’ll help Koku and Keith by investigating the actual intentions of the King and Kirisame.

Voice Cast of B The Beginning

Below is the official voice cast (both Japanese and English) of the characters in B The Beginning.

  • Keith Kazama Flick Hiroaki Hirata Ray Chase
  • Koku Yūki Kaji Kyle McCarley
  • Lily Hoshina Asami Seto Faye Mata
  • Eric Toga Hiroki Tōchi Jalen K. Cassell
  • Boris Meier Minoru Inaba Doug Stone
  • Kaela Yoshinaga Ami Koshimizu Allegra Clark
  • Brian Brandon Toshiyuki Toyonaga Khoi Dao
  • Mario Luís Zurita Shintarō Tanaka Patrick Seitz
  • Jean-Henri Richard Atsushi Goto Keith Osterberg
  • Gilbert Ross Toshiyuki Morikawa John DeMita
  • Laica Yu Kitada Xander Mobus
  • Minatsuki Kaito Ishikawa Johnny Yong Bosch

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