Raees postponed again! What is Shah Rukh Khan afraid of?
Raees postponed again! What is Shah Rukh Khan afraid of?

Shah Rukh Khan is having the hardest luck with one of his movies as Raees postponed again.

Luck has not been on Shah Rukh Khan‘s side when it comes to his yet-unreleased movie Raees. Raees was earlier slated to release on Eid this year, but in order to avoid a clash with Salman Khan’s Sultan, the release date was changed. Now, history is repeating itself as Raees postponed again.

Shah Rukh Khan has learnt his lesson when his last movie Dilwale clashed with Bajirao Mastani. While Bajirao Mastani went on to break and make many records, Dilwale failed miserably at the box-office. Shah Rukh Khan does not want Raees to suffer from a similar fate and is doing everything he can to avoid a big clash. After avoiding a clash with Sultan, Raees was postponed three more times to avoid clashes with- Dishoom (29 July), Shivaay (28 October) and Dangal (23 December).

After all this struggle, Raees’s release date was finally picked out to be 26 January 2017 but then the makers of Kaabil also picked the same date. While SRK has been saying that he is in talks with Rakesh Roshan for avoiding such a clash, it turns out that no good came out of it. According to recent reports, the makers of Kaabil are not ready to compromise and they have stuck to 26th of January 2017.

Shah Rukh Khan is now left with no other choice but to postpone the release date once again! This is really making us wonder what is Shah Rukh Khan afraid of? Are those days really gone when he used to be the ‘King of Clashes’?

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  1. Clashes is not only da reason…. the film has mahira as lead actress so da film can face bann too… as raees is da important project of his life so he dnt want to destroy it due to overconfidence..
    n most important thing is dat he his still the King of bollywood… mind it

  2. @ferdbouk goodevening mrs.bolywoodlife,king of act creativity reality romance technique cleverness king SRK,Raees one of the most important movie will be in indian industry,nothing affective negativity on postponed Raees movie,because Raees movie will be very special movie in Bollywood industry,thank you to give us space writing comments,journalist fery dbouk from Lebanon tribute to beautiful arts and great civilization of India

  3. His “King Khan” days are over !!
    Surprisingly, he is afraid of John Abraham (Dishoom) and Ajay Devgan (Shivay) as well !!
    He should be called “Queen Khan” now !!

  4. Sacche deshbhakt pehle salman ki movie ban kare,yakub memon ka supporter hai wo kutta.badme dusre star ka soche ye log.aur king hai srk to 1-2 flop kuch ukhad nahi sakta uska.

  5. Comment: Dear writer Dilwale collect 395cr ww and Bajirao Mastani 362 and Dilwale has many records more than BM . Please do Google for more Information

    Thank you

  6. He was king he is n he will be the thing is that day by day raees gets postponed its buzz is getting increased these show that Raees can get 300 cr mark easily


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