It's Official | No More Raees Vs Sultan On This Eid, Confirms Ritesh Sidhwani
It's Official | No More Raees Vs Sultan On This Eid

You may call it a sensible decision, but this has once again proved that Shahrukh Khan’s is losing his star power. Raees producers have been making big claims that they wouldn’t be changing the release date of the movie. But, now with the failure of Fan and tremendous response to Sultan’s teaser, they have decided to avert the most hyped Box Office clash.

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani in an interview with Hindustan Times has clarified that Shahrukh Khan’s Raees is not releasing on Eid. This is now official the most talked about Bollywood clash, Raees Vs Sultan will not be taking place anymore.

Ritesh told Hindustan Times, “It was not an easy decision to move the film. We understand that our movie is highly anticipated. However, a film of such magnitude requires appropriate showcasing. Therefore, we have decided to shift our release date.”

This comes as a shock for Shahrukh Khan’s fans who has been waiting for Raees for quite a long time. The fans have lots of expectations from Raees which may shatter after this decision. The decision has certainly proved that Salman Khan is the king of Eid and even a superstar like Shahrukh wouldn’t dare to clash with him.

All this means that Sultan will now be the solo release on Eid. The movie is scheduled to release on 6 July 2016. As mentioned by us earlier, Sultan will enjoy an extended five days weekend. With a solo release and the hype it has created before release, Sultan will surely shatter lots of Box Office records.

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  1. Raees giving open run to Sultan at Boxoffice will be single biggest mistake of shahrukh khan’s career! now Raees becomes least anticipated most postponed direct-to-tv little movie with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and NFDC product Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

    Raees despite clash was set to cross 175 crores at BO easily if released on EID. Now, it wont even cross 40 crores as all fans will run away when it openes in 2017. Having film friends cirlce fraternity is good thing and supporting each other is good thing. But in return, destroying your own ‘superstardom’ with your won hands after producing your own film is sinking to whole new level.

    Ram Gopal Varma was absolutely correct. SRK has now completely lost his superstardom to Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. He is finished as a lead actor.


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