Pooja Hegde considers Hrithik Roshan her godfather!
Pooja Hegde considers Hrithik Roshan her godfather!

Soon to make her Bollywood debut with Mohenjo Daro, Pooja Hegde considers Hrithik Roshan her godfather.

Pooja Hegde is one lucky girl. Not only is she making her debut with a director like Ashutosh Gowarikar in Mohenjo Daro, she also got to work with the Greek God Hrithik Roshan in her first film and Pooja Hegde considers Hrithik Roshan her godfather.

Some might say that Pooja must have been attracted to Hrithik, especially after Pooja expressed her feeling about her kiss with Hrithik and said that their kiss is one of the best onscreen kisses. But she feels different and considers Hrithik as an advisor. This is what she feels about Hrithik-

“I always looked at him as someone who is a friend and who always advises me. He has been very helpful. I don’t have a godfather as such but God keeps sending people in my life at the right time to guide me. He has been really helpful. After a point, the looks and all is just him, you don’t get intimidated by him. He is a very attractive man. But we are only friendly with each other and he plays the role of an advisor in my life. It was a relief to be with him on the sets in Bhuj, where we were stationed for so many months together. It could get on your nerves if you are away from family for so long, at a stretch, under harsh climatic conditions.”

She was also asked whether Hrithik is still guiding her and helping her choose the right movies. She said “For sure. If I need any help, I can call and ask him anytime. Hrithik has always been available to help. I can just pick up the phone and call him.”

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