God Eater Season 2: Release Date and What to expect
God Eater Season 2: Release Date and What to expect

The first season of God Eater anime was based on a video game of the same name. Will we ever get God Eater season 2? Here’s what we know so far about the second season.

God Eater is a sci-fi fantasy anime based on the video game franchise of the same name, developed and published by Namco Bandai Games. It is considered one of the best animes adapted from a game. The anime is set in a dystopian world where monsters known as the Aragami have brought humanity to the point of destruction. These monsters can’t be destroyed with traditional weapons. Therefore, an organization called Fenrir has created weapons called “God Arcs” that can beat these monsters. God Arcs are handled by a group of soldiers called, “God Eaters”. The anime follows Lenka’s journey after his family gets destroyed by Aragami. He decides to take revenge and become a God Eater.

The basic setup of God Eater anime is almost the same as other fantasy animes. But, the execution, flow and thrilling moments in between make it one of the most exciting game animes of all time. God Eater is sometimes compared to Monster Hunter as the gameplay is slightly similar. The first season of God Eater comprising of 12 episodes premiered on July 12, 2015, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the video game franchise.

The anime was directed by Takayuki Hirao with Studio Ufotable backing the project. The God Eater anime was applauded for its sleek style of animation, heart touching and thrilling moments. However, certain fans criticized the art style and were not pleased as the final four episodes were delayed for a long time.

It’s been more than six years since the first season of God Eater concluded airing. Fans are eagerly waiting for a trustworthy update on the second season. So, what is exactly happening with God Eater Season 2? Will we get the second season of the sci-fi action anime?

There’s is no official update on the second season

It’s been more than six years and still, there is no official announcement by animation studio Ufotable, who also worked on the anime sequences for God Eater 3 game released in 2018.

There were rumours of the second season to drop in 2017 and 2019. But that clearly didn’t happen as we are halfway through 2021 with no official news. However, the fans should not give up as the video game franchise is still going strong. Ufotable has a lot of content to play with primitively after the release of God Eater 3 in 2018.

When will God Eater Season 2 release?

Since there is no official announcement yer, not much can be said about the release date. Fans have waited for years awaiting an announcement for a new season. As the first season marked the fifth-anniversary celebrations of the game franchise, some fans were expecting the second season to drop in 2020, on the tenth anniversary. So, we need to wait and keep our hopes high.

What will be the plot of God Eater Season 2?

Here are several plot points for the second season:

1)  The first season had Lindow as the lead. However, he lost his arm during a battle with the Aragami Lenka. So, Lenka will probably take over the role of the lead character. We have already seen Lenka’s amazing power in the first season.

2) As in a video game, we may get introduced to new characters with more power and better weapons.

3) One of the big plot points that remained unanswered is the origin of Aragami. The fans are waiting for the second season to know about the past of Aragami.

Where to stream God Eater Season 1?

You can stream the first season of God Eater on Crunchyroll. The English Dub is available on Netflix.