Utopia Season 2: renewed or Cancelled
Utopia Season 2

An American sci-fi drama series Utopia premiered on Amazon Prime Video on Sep 25, 2021. Will there be Utopia Season 2 on Amazon? 

Utopia is an American sci-fi drama series adapted from the 2013 British original series of the same name. Created by Gillian Flynn, the series premiered on Amazon Prime Video on Sep 25, 2021. It was one of the most controversial shows of 2020. The sci-fi drama made headlines for its poor release timing and violence level. Though the show garnered mixed reviews, there are millions of fans waiting for the second season to arrive on Amazon Prime Video. Will there be Utopia Season 2? What’s the release date? Here are all details about the show’s future.

Has Utopia been renewed?

Some bad news for Utopia fans. Amazon cancelled the sci-fi dram after the first season as reported by Deadline. One of the prime reasons for the cancellation of the show is the critical reaction from reviewers and audiences. The potentially dangerous theme and release timing during the pandemic have also added to the decision to cancel the show.

Of course not many liked the show that focus on a deadly virus that scared humanity and a vaccine rollout that turned out to be nothing like it purported to be.

Is there any chance of revival of Utopia for Season 2?

There won’t be a second season, at least on Amazon. Of course, it could be renewed later by another streamer. Netflix or HBO Max may pick it. But one thing is sure, there would be less violence and less connectivity to the current events.

Is there a release date for Utopia Season 2?

As Amazon has cancelled the show after the first season, there is no release date for the second season. The fans are hoping, Netflix or HBO Max to pick the show for renewal.

What plot does ‘Utopia’ follows?

A group of young adults and a boy get ahold of Utopia, an unpublished comic book. This book not only pins them as the target of a dark organization but also forces them with the dangerous task of saving the world. Utopia is the conclusion of Dystopia, of which the group members are fans. They come to believe that the book forecasts future events.

Utopia Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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