Top 10 Reasons to Love Salman Khan and His Movies: 50th Birthday Special
Love needs no reason, but yeah, we found out some of the basic reasons why we are fond of Salman Khan

Salman Khan has been creating Box Office Records since his debut film – ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya‘ and has won hearts of many through his looks and kindness. He doesn’t have fans, he has devotees because he is The Salman Khan. Dabangg Khan has always been in the news for good or bad reasons.  As fans, we only know that this man has a golden heart which we love more than anything else. On Salman Khan’s 50th birthday, we present to you the 10 reasons why we love Salman Khan.

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Top 10 Reasons why we love Salman Khan

Salman Khan has shown a good onscreen romantic connection without getting physically involved.

No Onscreen Kiss

Salman is the only Bollywood star who hasn’t kissed onscreen or has done intimate scenes. Khan believes that families go to watch his films in the theater and it feels awkward to do such scenes. Total family package!

Katrina Kaif is a famous Bollywood actress, and was one of the many stars he has introduced in Bollywood

Introduced many Stars to Bollywood

Salman has always supported his friends and near ones immensely. He has never let down any people who have asked for his help. He has trained Arjun Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan etc to lose weight and build a good physique.
He has also introduced stars like Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Zarine Khan, Aditya Pancholi, Pulkit Samrat into Bollywood and have made them successful. That’s called true dariyadili.

Being Human is more than just a Clothing Lineup. It is an NGO actively involved in Humanitarian Work

Being Human Foundation

Khan has been winning more and more hearts since 2008 after he started his own NGO Being Human Foundation. He has helped thousands of people struggling from different diseases and is also planning to expand his NGO.

A Good Host is one who can interact with everyone and keep the audience glued.

Best TV host

Salman’s charming smile and witty humor can never be ignored. Be it Dus ka Dum or Bigg Boss Seasons, Khan has solely carried the popularity of the shows on his shoulders which resulted in Highest TRPs! That’s Star Power on the small screen too!

Salman Khan's Crazy Dance Styles can be seen flexed in every function by desi fans

Unique dancing style

Salman is one of the best dancers of Bollywood. Give him a simple step and he adds his own oomph and charisma to present them as a visual treat to his fans! Be it the belt step of Dabangg or Pocket step of Dhinka Chika- he takes simple dance steps to an another level.

With Salman Khan in a flick, you just can not remember his co-stars, such is his persona

Only Salman’s presence in films matter

Fans don’t really care whether there is any script or who else is in the film as long as Salman is in it! Salman knows what his fans want in his films and he gives them exactly that.

50? He still is the trend setter among youths

Style Icon to the youth

Whatever Sallu does, becomes the latest trend! So, be it sporting Tere Naam hairstyle or putting the glares in the back collar of the shirt or wearing Being Human T-shirts, youth loves to copy his style.

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If Salman Promotes, no one can stop the flick.

Promoting other’s films

Salman has never hesitated from promoting other actor’s films. He regularly promoted other’s films on Twitter or on Bigg Boss. Mind you, he even promoted SRK’s Happy New Year on both Twitter and Bigg Boss!

Recent Prem Avatar of Salman Khan was seen in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Salman’s Prem avatar

Khan has always admitted that he doesn’t know how to act because he just is himself and his fans love that. We loved Salman playing the romantic character Prem in most of his films.
On popular demand from his fans, Salman played Prem in Sooraj Barjatya’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo released on Diwali 2015!

Salman Khan in Movie Partner

Sallu’s well-built physique

It will be a crime to not mention his excellent physique. Khan was one of the very first actors to start the Shirtless trend in Bollywood which has inspired so many boys to gym regularly to get abs like Salman! There are countless fans who watch Salman Khan movies for his shirtless scenes.

What are your reasons to love Salman Khan? Write to us! Blog to Bollywood wishes Happy Birthday to the Dabangg Khan of Bollywood.

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