Rani Mukherjee with women cops for the national anthem video
Rani Mukherjee with women cops for the national anthem video

The much awaited YRF banner movie ‘Mardaani’ starring producer Aditya Chopra’s wife Rani Mukherjee gets an ‘A’ certificate from the censor board. Mardaani will be the first film under YRF banner to be certified ‘A’.  The censor board feels there are few scenes in the movies not suitable for children watch. For eg. the trailer shows a minor girl forced to strip in front of a group of men. There is also a dialogue saying, ” Mera shauq rape hai” said by the villain.  Only above aged 18 yrs, can watch the movie as approved by the Central Board of Film Certification.

But despite being certified ‘A’ , the film was forced to edit out many scenes. Scenes like blood flowing down a girl’s thighs after being raped, girls being stripped etc were asked to remove. Even though Aditya Chopra tried his best to pursue the Censor board, it didn’t work out.

Rani has been seen in many events and TV shows promoting Mardaani. She also shot for a National Anthem video along with women cops of India which is now playing in theaters before the movie starts. When asked if her next movie too will be under YRF banner, Rani replies, “No, not at all. My next film will be outside the YRF banner.”

Rani continues, “I have no plans to be involved creatively with YRF. There are many capable people who take care of everything. Aditya is at the helm and I don’t think he requires anybody else. I don’t want to produce or direct a film.”

Mardaani is Rani’s first film post her secret marriage with producer Aditya Chopra in Italy. The film highlights the subject of female child trafficking in India. Rani plays the role of cop Shivani Shivaji Roy. The trailer has been receiving positive feedback and Rani is determined to make a successful comeback after her last movie “Aiyyaa” which bombed at Box Office.

Watch : Mardaani Theatrical Trailer

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