Engineer's Day Special | 10 Bollywood Movies Engineers Just Love
10 Bollywood Movies Engineers Just Love

‘Engineer’s Day’ is here guys! So we decided to celebrate it this year by making a list of movies that you must watch if you are an engineer. Check the list out and if you haven’t watched any of these yet, get popcorns ready now!

1) 3 Idiots10 Bollywood Movies Engineers Just Love - 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is a movie with which every other engineer can relate to. The friends, the family-drama, the ugly hated-by-all Director, the college life, the hostel life, and off-course the first love! A must watch for every engineer, and if you haven’t watched it yet what better day than Engineer’s Day! The most loved Bollywood movies of engineers.

2) Udaan10 Bollywood Movies Engineers Just Love - Udaan

Udaan is about a boy who is forced to pursue engineering despite his dream to become a writer. That’s the story of half of the Indian junta who face peer pressure in every walk of life. Udaan is about chasing your dreams and living your life to the fullest despite everything. Do watch it!

3) Lakshya

10 Bollywood Movies Engineers Just Love - Lakshya

Who does not want to be an officer in the Indian Army? There are many engineers who have watched Lakshya at-least twice in one of those ‘movie-marathon nights’ in their hostel and decided that they would go for the Indian Army after their graduation. Lakshya has the power to inspire you to the core.

4) Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Aaah! The unbreakable friendships, the pangs of love. That’s what Pyaar Ka Puchnama is all about! I’m sure every guy engineer can easily relate to the life of the three friends, the way they fall in love, and the stuff they go through while in a relationship.

5) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Raise your hands if after watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara you started planning a road trip in Spain! I’m sure most of you have because that’s exactly what the movie makes you do. A bachelor party in the form of a road trip with your best friends across lovely Spain, yes, that’s what every engineer dreams of!

6) Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti

Every engineer secretly wished their college life would be as cool as that of DJ, Karan, Sukhi, and Aslam but sadly that did not happen for most of us. Also, Rang De Basanti inspired us all to be the rebels that we are today.

7) Sadda Adda

You are not an Engineer till you watch these 10 Movies!- Sadda Adda

Sadda Adda revolves around 6 bachelor buddies, with completely different backgrounds and dreams, living in one apartment aka ‘adda’, and their journey to their dreams. This is a total ‘guy’ movie and gives the message that the only thing that can stop you from achieving your dreams is YOU!

8) Raanjhanaa

10 Bollywood Movies Engineers Just Love - Raanjhanaa

Raanjhanaa is a movie for all the engineers who fell in love at first sight, did not stop till they found their love, and suffered a lot of pain in the process. Watch this movie for fun, to cry, to feel love, and also to experience the pain.

9) Dil Chahta HaiYou are not an Engineer till you watch these 10 Movies!- Dil Chahta Hai

‘What the Heart Wants’ is what Dil Chahta Hai means and shows. Three spoilt rich best friends grow up, and in doing so, learn what friendship really means, about relationships, about women and how important family is.

10) Gangs Of Wasseypur

10 Bollywood Movies Engineers Just Love - GOW

And we are ending our list with Gangs Of Wasseypur coz there’s a ‘Gunda’ inside every engineer! *Winks* That ‘Teri Kehke Lunga’ feeling.

Special mention


A must watch movie for every engineer is directed by Gautham Menon, starring R.Madhavan, Diya Mirza, and Saif Ali Khan. It was a remake of the well known Tamil film Minnale.  The film was an average hit at the Box Office but achieved a cult status thanks to superb music and R. Madhavan superb acting.


Happy Days

Though not in Hindi, Happy days is one must watch for every engineer. is a 2007 Telugu film directed by Sekhar Kammula.he film won 6 Filmfare Awards South and 3 Nandi Awards. The Hindi remake of Happy Days will be directed by Sekhar himself, and it will be co-produced by Salman Khan

So which movie do you like the best? Are you going to watch any of these just to commemorate ‘Engineer’s Day’? Do tell us below in the comments section.

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