Raja Natwarlal Theatrical Trailer
Raja Natwarlal Theatrical Trailer

Raja Natwarlal Music Review

Raja Natwarlal Music Review : The first impression when you know that the music album in your hand is for an ‘Emraan Hashmi’ release, there is got to be stuffs that will excite you and your ears are going to have a party time listening to melodious romantic numbers.

Well Raja Natwarlal did try to stand justified on the ‘Emraan Hashmi’ music genre with its not so common and above average musical performance.

Let’s walk though the songs one by one and see how the album unfolds.

Tere Ho Ke Rahenge – Raja Natwarlal Music Review

‘Tere Ho Ke Rahenge’ has strong lyrics and adds to the passionate singing by Arijit Singh. Transitions and interludes are fantastic yet the song feels slightly week overall.
Wait ! There is a reprise version of the same sung by Shweta Pandit. The reprise version is not only better but also is much more appealing to ears. It closes any gaps which you might feel in the original track.

Namak Paare – Raja Natwarlal Music Review

Sung by Mamta Sharma and Anupam Amod, Namak Paare is one of those thousand songs which try to become peppy by following a general trend. It is an item number which you may not want to carry on your music players. Nothing wrong with it, yet nothing good about it too.

Kabhi Ruhani Kabhi Rumani – Raja Natwarlal Music Review

“Kabhi Ruhani Kabhi Rumani” sung by Benny Dayal and is wonderfully treated with sufi delights on soulful rythms by Irshad kamil. Yuvan Shankar Raja has given a nice touch to the music and makes it worth listening. The transitions are more than good and interesting. Must hear from the album.

Dukki Tikki – Raja Natwarlal Music Review

“Dukki Tikki” penned by Irshad Kamil is a fun pep song. Mika’s delightfully embracing a song makes it more happening. However, I feel the element that makes one jump from her seat and dance in the tunes is missing here. Still, not a bad one, Good yet not endless repeatable.

Flip Your Collar Back – Raja Natwarlal Music Review

Flip Your Collar Back is another Benny Dayal track from the flick. I was not expecting this to be good, but the track surprised me. There is a lot of work done in this. Different blends, westernised touch and non-disturbing loud music pretty much summarized the song. This may not be a perfect takeaway from the album yet is good enough to earn extra credits to Benny.


Raja Natwarlal is not something out of box but yes, it certainly is a delight for ears. With songs like ‘Tere Ho Ke Rahenge’, ‘Kabhi Ruhani Kabhi Rumani’ you are assured of few takeaways. Not only this, ‘Dukki Tikki’ and ‘Flip Your Collar Back’ don’t disappoint either.

Take Aways

  • Tere ho Ke Rahenge
  • Kabhi Ruhani Kabhi Rumani

Raja Natwarlal Soundtrack Details and Music Ratings :

Track NumberTitleRatingSingersMusicLyricsDuration
1"Tere Hoke Rehengay"3Arijit SinghYuvan Shankar RajaIrshad Kamil4:03
2"Dukki Tikki"2Mika SinghYuvan Shankar RajaIrshad Kamil4:59
3"Tere Hoke Rehengay (Reprise)"4Shweta PunditYuvan Shankar RajaIrshad Kamil4:29
4"Kabhi Ruhani Kabhi Rumani"4Benny DayalYuvan Shankar RajaIrshad Kamil4:00
5"Namak Paare"2Mamta Sharma , Anupam AmodYuvan Shankar RajaIrshad Kamil3:45
6"Flip Your Collar Back"3Benny DayalYuvan Shankar RajaIrshad Kamil3:59

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