madras cafe poster feat. John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri
madras cafe poster feat. John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri

Madras Cafe is among the stars with its nicely scripted and enacted thriller adventure. Madras Cafe has the potential and according to critics it is one most enthralling movies ever made in India. With statements like – “One of the best Bollywood thriller so far” it leaves hardly any doubt about what Madras Cafe has served.

Lets find out what the critics have to say on Madras cafe

Taran Adarsh(Bollywood Hungama): MADRAS CAFE is one of the finest thrillers to come out of India. No two opinions on that! On the whole, MADRAS CAFE is an earnest and honest effort, a terrific thriller, with several poignant moments and episodes that leave a stunning impact. It’s a film that you should watch because it gives you an insight into an exceptionally pertinent episode of history. If you are in the frame of mind to watch superior quality, sensible cinema, I would strongly recommend MADRAS CAFE to you. Try not to miss it!

Srijana Mitra Das(Times of India): Madras Cafe’s true star is its story which builds up to an agonizing end. It brings to life the Lankan war which many viewers were too young to have known. It highlights India’s ambiguous role, moving sensitively, taking no sides. Its second half grows more fraught and taut, conspiracies and compulsions becoming clearer. Madras Cafe deserves an extra half-star for guts, going for the gunpowder – but with a restrained hand.

Sukanya Verma(Rediff): Shoojit Sircar’s Madras Cafe is a swift, smart and serious study of an inglorious chapter of political history. It doesn’t take names but doesn’t hold back either. Even if it packs in classic stereotypes of this genre and the climax is something we all know and vividly remember, the horridness of it continues to startle.After experiencing back-to-back idiocy on big screen, it’s refreshing to return to the theatres for a film that expects you to be educated, informed and attentive. Give it a chance, Madras Cafe deserves an audience.

Saibal Chaterjee(NDTV): Madras Cafe stands apart from run-of-the-mill smack-downs because it does not celebrate vacuous militaristic machismo. Madras Cafe is not your average Bollywood thriller. It crackles with genuine energy and is marked by true empathy for humanity. It is an unqualified triumph.

With hands up from all of the critics so far, Madras Cafe is surely a winner. It  is yet to been, how the movie fare at the Box office.But one thing is sure that such movies deserves audience or else Bollywood’s future is in disarray.