madras cafe poster feat. John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri
madras cafe poster feat. John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri

After Chennai its back to Madras. Madras cafe is getting good response from all around, be it common man or celebs everyone has welcomed Madras Cafe with open head & heart. The only hate tweets i found were because of the controversy surrounding Madras Cafe.

Let’s see what people have to say about it.

Pinank Chheda(@Pinank_Chheda) : #MadrasCafe is a great movie. Tough to make a movie with so many characters and still keep the screenplay intact w/o wasting audience’s time

Ved Prakash(@vppati) : #MadrasCafe has a predominantly dark ambience and feeds the audience well with the gory chapter that the #LTTE wove till 2009

Bibhuprasad (@imAWARAPANBIBHU) : Saw Madras Cafe ! A true conspiracy story line. All credit goes to Shoojit Sircar. Not for mindless audiences

Bhavin(@Compucaholic) : #madrasCafe A good movie…john seems to be getting along acting after all…

Rima(@rima646) : @NargisFakhri watched #MadrasCafe in Dubai-a fine film with every ingredient of quality cinema.hats off to the team-u were great as Jaya!

kush dedhia(@kushdedhia) : #MadrasCafe is CLASS Apart! Jus Amazing! Hats off to the director! Grt work by @TheJohnAbraham and @NargisFakhri! Luvd it!

Azee Madridista(@azeehawkins) : ….watched MadrasCafe last night it was really good , Heart-Touching story

Aakriti Mehta (@mehta_aakriti) :#MadrasCafe dares to go where no bollywood movie does- Factually accurate and a powerfulstory line. Kudos! @ShoojitSircar @TheJohnAbraham

Our aam junta is satisfied with Madras Cafe, Do you wish to differ or agree ?