F9 Movie Review: A Watchable Ride For Die-Hard Fans
F9 movie review

This Furious ride is stronger than before visually but has weakened drastically in storytelling and writing.

When The Fast And The Furious franchise began in 2001, nobody had imagined that it will go on long and become so big globally. The earlier films in the franchise couldn’t score big but were received fairly by critics as well as the audience. After some time, people got used to it, and then Fast and Furious 7 did huge business at the box because of the boost of an ultimate tribute to Paul Walker.

Even the last film, Furious 8 opened big at the box office and the spin-off Hobbs and Shaw did well too. F9 was struck because of a pandemic but finally, it came out after a year, and here we are. The fact can’t be denied that the franchise has fallen drastically with its content and storytelling in the last couple of years and the visual expansion of the cinematic experience was the only thing that has kept it alive.

With F9, the franchise is stronger than before with some insane car stunts and super explosions but the storytelling has been weakened by the courtesy of old-school filmmaking. To be honest, there was or is nothing much left in this franchise as for the narrative because they have used almost all the elements before. Now, it’s just about stunts, action, and breathtaking visuals, and nothing else. Not a cent more than that.

F9 movie review: plot

F9 has a very outdated storyline that should be lashed out by smart viewers. Cipher enlists the help of Jakob, Dom’s younger brother to take revenge on Dom and his team. It all begins without any clues, without any concrete theories just to make things look dramatic. All of sudden, we travel way back to Dom’s past, his father’s death, and his abandoned brother who appears quite as a shock in the opening scene with his own army and high-tech plans. Once a mission, it suddenly becomes a rivalry of brothers but for what? No clues there. Unauthentic is the word. It might just annoy you sometimes with those same old cliched dialogues and punches and for the new heights it goes on to find references from the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. Overall, it’s terribly outdated and boring.

F9 review: Performances

The Furious franchise has never been known for the acting and F9 is no different. All the actors do the same what they have been doing since forever but what saddens them is the improper use of characters. A Fast & Furious film without Dwayne Johnson? Seriously? Why?

Vin Diesel had to show off his muscles because of Dwayne’s absence and that too against John Cena, are you kidding? Just imagine the face-off between Dwayne Johnson and John Cena in the film, outside WWE rings. Wouldn’t it have been freaking amazing??? I wonder, how makers didn’t think about it. A big loss. Rest, there is nothing much to talk about Rodriguez, Thereon (more like a cameo), typical Gibson, and Brewster.

F9 review: What’s good?

Coming to the best parts of the film, the action, the stunts and the visuals everything is top-notch. Few stunts are completely unimaginable and even though they are illogical, the entertainment value is sky-high.

F9 movie review: Final words and rating

This time the ride has gone higher, I mean in space, yes believe it if you could. Unfortunately, it has forgotten to stay on the ground. Justin Lin lacks the conviction while showcasing those out-of-the-world sequences.

It may sound crazy but like I said before, this franchise was never meant to make much sense so, just sit tight and ride on it. Keep your brain in the backseat and enjoy the humongous and unbelievable entertainer. Not that bad to be slammed completely, but yes the drastic fall can be noticed and can’t be ignored.

Overall, a watchable ride but nothing new except for the sky-high imagination and practicals of cinematic visuals.

RATING – 5/10