Couples Who Met Online are Happier than Those Who Met in Real Life: True or False?
Couples Who Met Online are Happier than Those Who Met in Real Life: True or False?

Online dating continues to become more prevalent and is now a common way for heterosexual and homosexual couples to meet. Before its popularity, people that relied on dating applications or websites to find love felt embarrassed because the only accepted way was meeting in real life. However, various studies indicate that there is no reason to be embarrassed about seeking love online because couples who met online are as happy as those who met in real life. Therefore, the stigma regarding online dating has faded away and now people are more concerned about finding long-lasting happiness.

Meeting Online

Online personals service has changed the dating landscape and marriage in multiple ways. It provides means for individuals to meet others that they cannot meet in real life due to various hindrances. Some of these obstructions include busy schedules leading to lack of free time to meet people, distance as people live in different countries and continents and the improbability to meet despite being in the same locations, among other issues. The reviews of personals websites presented on can help you make a wise decision as you find a person with common interests.

Online dating increases the chances of users to meet people from diverse backgrounds, and from different races, ethnicities, education, levels of income and political parties. It has enabled open-minded people to travel across the world to meet those they are interested in and learn about other exciting cultures, and hence built healthy love lives.

Meeting in Real-Life

Meeting in real life has been a routine because it has existed since the beginning of time. Before the invention of the internet and digital gadgets, couples met by bumping into each other in multiple places like parks, shopping malls and groceries stores, at work among colleagues and customers, at weddings, funerals and even at the bus stop. Others met through hookups or blind dates that friends or relatives organized in case someone is too busy or shy to approach. This trend has not stopped, whereas many married couples that met in real life still have memories of the first time they saw each other, talked and went on the first date, others are just at the beginning of the process. Therefore, meeting in real life has helped many people build happy relationships.

Online or Real-Life? Who are Happier?

Whether couples meet online or in real life, the most significant factor is how they feel about each other and so both can be happy. If you love your partner to the moon and back, your happiness is based on your hearts and not how you met each other. Individuals that strictly stick to meeting partners in real life tend to dismiss online dating because the majority associate all dating websites with casual sex and hookups. However, this conclusion is misguided by multiple myths about online dating. Such Myths include the following;

  • Everyone on dating websites is lying

The widespread belief that dating sites only host dishonest people that want to take advantage of unsuspecting people makes online dating seem like a scam. It is important to note that although some people may exaggerate their profile a little to seem more likeable, you can always find out the truth when you meet in person. What’s more, people meeting in real life may also tell lies.

  • Online dating is a desperate

The notion that online dating is the last option for people that cannot find love in real life, makes them appear desperate, which is not the case. Some people use dating sites because they are open-minded and wish to date partners from different cultures, and countries. Others use them because they can connect with others despite their busy schedules.

  • Online relationships have no future

Some people are under the impression that love found online does not last. Although online dating is still new and hence hard to access long-term success of relationships, surveys indicate that couples that met online are less likely to divorce since they have greater marital satisfaction.

Therefore, according to various studies carried out in acknowledged universities and by certified researchers, people who meet online and fall in love are as happy as others that meet in real life.  So, there is no difference between couples that initiated contact through dating apps and those that started a connection elsewhere in regard to life satisfaction and relationships.


Generally, online dating helps in promoting mixing of different kinds of people, and so couples that met online have found love. There is no much difference from meeting in real life, except the medium. As you seek love online, find a partner that shares your interests and choose the dating platform correctly. You can use website reviews to see users’ experiences, and also ensure the review platform is reliable.