The Pros and Cons of Relationships Online
Online Dating

Online dating websites offer a lot in terms of safety, ease-of-use, as well as countless enticing ads. However, with all things internet and instant gratification comes a few drawbacks. The main thing when dating online is choosing the platform that suits your needs perfectly. For some, it’s a nearly impossible task since there are so many options to choose from. Nevertheless, you can always resort to the best dating apps reviews to make a more conscious and considered decision. 

Let’s examine a few key highs and lows of web-based dating resources and how they may affect your decision to join. 


  • Meet More People by Your Preferences 

Joining a dating site allows you to set what you like and dislike in a partner, which cuts down unnecessary hassles of dismissing people after the first date. If you don’t like smokers or prefer skinny to chubby people, simply list these details without feeling shallow or discriminatory. The systems match you only with those meeting your requirements. 

  • Easy Connection for a Shy Person  

Perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of online dating are reserved, introverted, and shy. Meeting a stranger for a blind date is nerve-racking, to say the least. Once you meet online, anything can happen in the intimate chatrooms. The lack of physical or eye contact lets people release their inhibitions. It makes for an easy first date because breaking the ice took place online.  

  • You Can Wear What You Want 

Nothing beats chatting away, intimately and unreservedly, without caring too much about appearance. With online dating, you could be in your pajamas, shorts, or even underwear, unknown to your audience. It removes how to dress during the first and subsequent dates, and all daters have to focus on their messages. Making an impression thus switches from what one wears to what one says. 

  • Save Money 

If you are not new to the bar and clubbing scene, you know how costly drinks and meals can be, especially when dating. Spending money day in, day out is something online dating manages to eliminate. Once you join these sites, for free, all you need to do is detail your preference list, then chat discreetly in private chatrooms.

  • Be with You on Mobile 

Almost all popular dating sites have now gone mobile. You can download most applications for any operating systems you use, including the most popular Android and iOS. So, there is no need to be stuck on your desktop waiting for messages. You can chat with someone on a bus and drop off at the nearest stage to meet for a nightcap. 

  • Choose the Platform that Perfectly Suits your Needs 

The best bit about online dating, everything is streamlined and caters to your specific needs. For instance, a gay man, or woman, seeking interracial dating with chubby individuals can find a site facilitating precisely that. Users can select a site where they can filter everything to the T, including their sexual orientation.


  • Plenty of Fake Profiles 

It’s no secret that several web-based dating resources use fake profiles to lure new members. These fake profiles boast photos copied from sister sites, with admins running the show behind the scenes. Other fake accounts are BOTS, with automated responses to your chats, compelling you to keep chatting and perhaps even upgrade to engage more. 

  • Not Serious for Someone 

While you may be seeking the possibility of a long term relationship, others simply want to meet for a hookup and move on. Incidentally, others will engage you for months on end, only to leave you hanging. It is hard to know who’s serious and who isn’t, without spending hours or weeks online. 

  • Chatting with More People at Once 

Although you may be interested in having a monogamous relationship, most people are flirting with as many members as they can. It means competition is high, and you may be part of a long list of potential mates for your crush. Chatting with several people can also leave you confused, wondering who to pick for what purposes. 

  • Psychological Aspect 

Spending too much time online can leave you anti-social and perhaps delusional about what’s real or not. People are born to be social beings, and healthy socializing involves having physical meets with people. Spending too much time online gives a fake sense of being, which can turn dangerous when someone gets addicted to online instead of physical dating. 


Online dating is not going away, and it may become the norm for young and older couples alike. With all the technicalities that come with dating platforms, of more importance is using them responsibly. It means they should be a means to an end, as far as courting and finding love is concerned. Online dating, however, should not replace physical meets. It should simplify their facilitation.