Valentine's Day 2021: 15 Bollywood Romantic Movies You Can Watch With Your Love
Valentine's day movies

Valentine’s Day 2021: From DDLJ to Namastey London, 15 Bollywood romantic movies which you can enjoy with your love on this Valentine’s day.

The love is in the air and the day for which you lovebirds are waiting for so long is just around the corner. Some would have planned for the candlelight dinners while others would have a plan for the long drive and outing. You must have made big plans to make this day memorable for your Valentine.

But if you are among those who haven’t made any and still want to make this day memorable for your Valentine we are here to help you. Blog to Bollywood has prepared a perfect date plan for you guys. All you have to do is grab some popcorn, snacks, and drinks of your choice and sit back with your lover to enjoy these 15 Bollywood romantic movies.

15Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

DDLJ is considered the mother of Bollywood romantic movies. This one is the most lovable romantic movie of all time. Sit back and enjoy the love lessons from the king of romance SRK.