Akshay Kumar On Donating Rs 25 Crore:
Akshay Kumar On Donating Rs 25 Crore: "Yeh Meri Maa Ki Taraf Se Bharat Maa Ko Hai"

Yesterday, Akshay Kumar donated Rs 25 crore to Narendra Modi’s PM CARES fund to fight the Coronavirus. Twitterati just couldn’t stop praising the actor for this move.

Akshay Kumar is a ‘Sacha Deshbhakt’ and he has proved it yet again. The actor has donated Ts 25 crore to Narendra Modi’s PM CARES fund to fight the Coronavirus. Fans go gaga as soon as the superstar announced this news on Twitter. Praise started coming from all quarters. From Bollywood actors to fans and even general people praised Akshay for this movie. Rs 25 crore is a big amount and even PM Modi appreciated Akshay for it.

However, this is not the first time that Akshay has stood up for the nation when it is needed. He also donated a huge amount after Pulwama attack and floods in Kerala. Akshay is one of those actors who is attacked to the soil.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Akshay opened about the donation and love for the nation. He said, “You can call it my weakness or whatever, but I am never able to express my feelings or thoughts behind gestures of contributing to a cause.”

Akshay has always been on frontline when it comes to charity during tough times. He has been an inspiration for other celebrities. He said, “Main kaun hota hoon ‘charity’ ya ‘donate’ karne waala?. Doosri baat ki hum apni country ko Bharat Maa kehte hain. Mera ye contribution actually mera nahi hai. Yeh meri maa ki taraf se Bharat Maa ko hai.”

Akshay also focussed on Senior citizens health during the coronavirus pandemic. He said, “It’s important that I refer to my mother here because poori duniya mein ek fear hai that senior citizens will be ignored and left to themselves during this coronavirus crisis. Hum yeh soch bhi kaise sakte hain. Meri maa ki jaan important hai, aapke maa baap ki jaan important hai. No matter who we are, trying to save every single life is critical right now. Maine sirf iski taraf apna ek chhotta sa farz ada kiya hai”