Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan's Fan- Fan Poster
Fan Poster

Fan is one of the most-awaited movies of this year. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, Fan is a thriller movie where Shah Rukh Khan plays superstar Aryan Khanna as well as a Fan of Aryan called Gaurav.If this is not enough were present to you the 5 interesting facts about Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan-

1. Shah Rukh Khan underwent 3D scanning

5 Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan's Fan- Fan Mannat
Shah Rukh Khan undergoes 3D scanning

Shah Rukh Khan plays a twin role in the movie. One of the characters will be a reigning superstar Aryan Khanna while the other character would be a lookalike Gaurav. SRK had to undergo a digital 3D scanning of his face for the character of Gaurav. In order to look realistic, SRK headed to USA for the scanning.

2. The Logo is made from real pictures

5 Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan's Fan- Fan Logo
The Logo of Fan

No doubt you have seen the logo of Fan by now but have you taken a look closely? If you remember the first look of the movie, we saw innumerable pictures of SRK in Gaurav’s room. The pictures are created by real fan-made pictures. The collage is made up of some of the most famous photographs of SRK and they also make up the background of the logo.

3. Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat recreated in Film City

Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan's Fan- Fan Mannat
Mannat recreated in Film City

Maneesh Sharma wanted to shoot an important scene at Shah Rukh Khan’s residence ‘Mannat’ for giving a realistic look. However due to security reasons and other complications, a replica of SRK’s Mannat was created in Film City Studio Mumbai. Well, at least we will get to see a replica of Mannat.

4. The release date of Fan has been postponed twice

Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan's Fan- Fan Date
SRK as Gaurav

The release date of the film has been rescheduled twice. Initially, the film was supposed to hit the screens in early 2015, but SRK injured himself while shooting for the film in Croatia. Hence, the deadline was missed. The date further was changed to mid-2015 but that too did not take shape. Now, the movie is scheduled to hit the screens on 15 April 2016.

5. Fan resembles Darr in a few sequences

Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan's Fan- Fan Darr
Fan resembles Darr

It is rumored that the film is along the lines of Yash Chopra’s 90’s blockbuster Darr. Darr was a massive hit and if the rumors are to be believed and Fan does resemble the film in some way, it’s one more reason for the movie to be a success.

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