Fan Vs Raees Vs Sultan | Which movie will be the top grosser of 2016?
Fan Vs Raees Vs Sultan | Which movie will be the top grosser of 2016?

Three of the biggest and most awaited movies of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are going to release this year leading to the big fight between Fan Vs Raees Vs Sultan.

Fan Vs Raees Vs Sultan may just turn out to be the bloodiest fight in terms of their Box Office Collection. It is a known fact that every Khan movie (be it a Shah Rukh Khan movie or a Salman Khan movie) makes an even profit for the producers and that’s because the total profit comes from domestic box office, foreign box office, music rights, satellite TV rights and brand promotions and placements. That’s a whole lot of money!

Considering all these factors, let’s decide which of these movies will be the Box Office Winner?


Fan Vs Raees Vs Sultan | Which movie will be the Box Office Winner?- Fan
Fan Poster

Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a completely different look in Fan. The audiences will either love him or hate him in his avatar of Gaurav. What’s most interesting (or rather repetitive) is that with Fan, SRK continues to play himself (directly or indirectly) just like in his previous films Om Shanti Om and Billu.
Maybe I’m being overly negative about Fan, the trailer does seem to have grown a sense of curiosity among the public, specially among SRK fans. But there’s always a risk of overdoing things. You do remember Dilwale?


Fan Vs Raees Vs Sultan | Which movie will be the Box Office Winner?- Raees

Shah Rukh Khan’s next venture Raees seems to have a better chance at the Box Office. The crime thriller is based on the story of Muslim underworld don of Gujarat (an interesting storyline). The leading lady is a Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, which may prove to be a positive as well as negative factor for the movie. First of all, the movie will be widely seen by the audiences in Pakistan. Secondly, last year Raj Thackeray’s MNS prevented Mahira’s Pakistani film Bin Roye from being released in Maharashtra. Who’s to say the same thing will not happen to Raees?


Fan Vs Raees Vs Sultan | Which movie will be the Box Office Winner?- Sultan
Salman Khan’s look in Sultan

Salman Khan’s Sultan is the safest option if you are placing your bets on one of these three movies. Salman will be playing the role of a Haryanvi wrestler and the very talented Anushka Sharma will be the lady opposite him. Sultan has been gaining a lot of attention ever since Salman’s look from the movie came out. We have very high expectations from the movie. The biggest advantage for Sultan is the leading man Salman Khan himself. His presence at the box office is just unparalleled.

Most awaited Bollywood movies of 2016

Before you draw out your final conclusion, you may be interested in knowing that from 2006 to 2015, Shah Rukh Khan has had 12 releases, while Salman Khan has starred in 15 films. Shah Rukh has had a better success ratio with 11 out of the 12 films making good money. While for Salman Khan, out of his 15 releases, only eleven of them performed well at the box office.

So which movie will be the ultimate Box Office Winner? Cast your votes now!


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