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Akshay Kumar

The “Khiladi of Bollywood”- Akshay Kumar has done his fair share of movies. He is probably the best action hero we have had in a long time. But he has a lot more to him. Let’s take a look at what IMDb thinks of his movies. 10 best movies of Akshay Kumar according to IMDb rating and Box Office collection.

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10 Best Movies of Akshay Kumar according to IMDb Rating

Hera Pheri

10 Best Movies of Akshay Kumar - Hera Pheri

IMDb: 8.3
Box Office Collection: 12.5 crores
Box Office Verdict: Hit
Hera-Pheri takes you off for an awesome ride from the start till the end. Akshay Kumar shows impeccable comic timing in the movie.


10 Best Movies of Akshay Kumar - Airlift

IMDb: 8.2
Box Office Collection: 128 crores
Box Office Verdict: Super Hit
Based on a true story, Airlift speaks about the Ranjit Katyal who helped the Indian Government to evacuate 1,70,000 Indians from Kuwait after Iraq raided the country. A commendable effort on director Raja Krishna Menon‘s part.

OMG: Oh My God

Oh My God

IMDb: 8.2
Box Office Collection: 83 crores
Box Office Verdict: Super Hit
OMG is one of the best path-breaking movies of Bollywood ever. Akshay played the role of a modern God and did it excellently!


10 Best Movies of Akshay Kumar - BabyIMDb: 8.1
Box Office Collection: 95.5 crores
Box Office Verdict: Above average
Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar gave a classic masterpiece in the form of Baby. Akshay might get a shot at his dream of winning a National Award. Fingers crossed.

Special 26

10 Best Movies of Akshay Kumar - Special 26

IMDb: 8
Box Office Collection: 68 crores
Box Office Verdict: Hit
Special 26 recreates a true-life incident of March 1987 with amazing execution and Akshay Kumar is just impeccable as a con artist.


Happy Birthday Akshay Kumar! 10 Movies that prove Akshay Kumar's Acting Prowess- Aankhen

Box Office Collection:17.8  crores
Box Office Verdict: Average
Aankhen tells the story of how three blind men rob a bank. Akshay Kumar holds his own in every scene bringing a quiet intelligence and depth to his role.


Akshay Kumar in KhakeeIMDb: 7.6
Box Office Collection: 26 crores
Box Office Verdict: Average
One of Rajkumar Santoshi’s best works, Khakee has a lot of great performances but Akshay impresses with his comic flair and his solid action sequences.

Jolly LLB 2

Jolly LLB 2

IMDb: 7.5
Box Office Collection: 117 crores
Box Office Verdict: Superhit
In Jolly LLB 2, Akshay Kumar played a clumsy lawyer who fights the biggest case of his life against the corruptive biggies.


Khiladi Akshay KumarIMDb: 7.5
Box Office Collection: 3.6 crores
Box Office Verdict: Average
The “Khiladi of Bollywood” got his name after this movie itself- Akshay’s first step to stardom.


Holiday Akshay KumarIMDb: 7.4
Box Office Collection: 113 crores
Box Office Verdict: Hit
Holiday is an interesting take on the unexplored subject of Sleeper Cells with an interesting plot. The film is carried beautifully by Akshay who gives a superlative performance be it action or comedy.

Gabbar is Back

akshay kumar gabbar is backIMDb: 7.3
Box Office Collection: 87 crores
Box Office Verdict: Hit
Gabbar Is Back is a complete entertainer with a very strong message. Akshay Kumar proves again that he is one of the most versatile actors of the last two decades.

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So, this is our list of Akshay Kumar’s best movies. Which is your movie from the above list? Tell us below in the comments section.


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