Rishi Kapoor bought the filmfare award
Rishi Kapoor

Flaunting now, Rishi Kapoor bought the filmfare award for his yesteryear’s superhit “Bobby” and he shouts that out loud

As reported in an interview with Khaled Mohamed, Rishi Kapoor declared that he bought the Filmfare Award and that there is nothing to hide. Well, every award show has its own story, people sitting with eagerness on their faces that grows louder with every nomination of theirs. With a hint of drama, the camera zooming in and out letting the viewers to judge the curiosity in the actors. Well and then suddenly, just one name and arena is filled with the uproar of claps. The chosen one takes over the stage with a heist comment that he has paid this year quite well for the award. The audience fills the air with the galore of laughter cause no-one would say its the truth! Well, what to believe, they are the finest actors for which they are recognised, quite empirical, ain’t it?

Rishi Kapoor bought the filmfare award
Bobby’s Poster

Nevertheless, Chintu speaks it all in the interview. Rishi Kapoor bought the filmfare award for his blockbuster film”Bobby“. Bobby was one of the bold and gen X movie of that time of love and romance which increased the heat on screen. Albeit, the success story is remarkable but Rishi Kapoor’s confession on buying the award comes out as a surprise and also a sense of irregularity in the jury of such award functions.

Rishi Kapoor admitted :

“I have no hesitation in admitting that I was impetuous once. I had to buy the Filmfare Award for my performance in Bobby… why’re you looking at me like that? That’s not off-the-record.”

Rishi Kapoor is all over the internet with his increased interest in twitter and we see him posting now and then. Rishi Kapoor is seen on and off now a days in the movies supporting it. Last year’s “All is Well” didn’t gain much attention but we look forward to see this veteran superstar in his upcoming “Kapoor & Sons“.

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