Entertainment In India: Unlike Anywhere Else In The World
Entertainment In India: Unlike Anywhere Else In The World

India is one of the world’s most ancient regions, but it’s also on the cutting edge of modern technology. Together, these realities combine such that entertainment in India is like nothing else.

If you’re visiting, explore what’s available throughout this vast country. Here we’ll touch on a few things that might whet your appetite:

  • Magic And Enchantment Stretching Into India’s Ancient History
  • Bollywood: In The 21st Century, It’s Starting To Outpace Hollywood
  • A Variety Of Unique Games Core To India–And Old Classics
  • The Food, The Food, The Food!

Magic And Enchantment Stretching Into India’s Ancient History

Even Harry Houdini was captivated by India’s mystery in terms of magic and enchantment. A rich cultural history serves as the foundation from which such strange practices are rooted.

There’s a novel by Rudyard Kipling–you may remember him as the English poet who wrote The Jungle Book. The novel that, perhaps, most chiefly shows the magic of India is Kim, and it reads like Huckleberry Finn, but in India.

It turns out ancient Fakirs and the like had some relationship with the intelligence community of the region, and their “enchantments” were used in that capacity.

Regardless of the history, things like snake charming, fire walking, and more have mystified the world for generations, and if you’re in India, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore this entertaining aspect of the diverse subcontinent’s cultural heritage!

Bollywood: In The 21st Century, It’s Starting To Outpace Hollywood

Bollywood is its own animal. Certainly, its namesake is rooted in America, but traditions of music and dance have predominated throughout India since before there were even pilgrims in the western hemisphere. Even more considerable: modern American culture is eroding Hollywood’s supremacy.

Meanwhile, Bollywood consolidates disparate cultural-artistic elements into a single genre. If you’ve never seen a Bollywood movie, you must watch one at least once. They’re usually around three hours, and incorporate extensive musical numbers atop comedy and drama of many “flavors”.

Interesting Facts of Bollywood You Must KnowAttending a live showing of a Bollywood film in India is very different from doing the same in the United States. The tourist becomes part of an audience steeped in traditional cultural diversity, and as a result associated “flavor” is transferred to foreign observers.

If you’ve seen a Bollywood film, that’s nothing like seeing one in a live Indian theatre. Should the opportunity present itself, take it!

A Variety Of Unique Games Core To India–And Old Classics!

Of course, there are games like English-imported Cricket. Even so, India has its own sporting events, and some of the finest adult gaming facilities on the planet. If you’re into games of chance, you can visit a variety of fine casinos, or top-tier chance-gaming websites like indiaslots.com.

Beyond such games, though, traditionally entertaining diversions of the modern world often are rooted in India. Parcheesi, for example, is a variant of Indian Pachisi, or Chaupar. Even the game of Chess is reputed to have developed in the subcontinent.

The Food, The Food, The Food!!

Indian cuisine is part of the reason the modern world exists. The spices of ancient India were so excellent, Columbus tried to cross the opposite sea as a means of finding better trade routes.

Indian FoodOne taste of authentic tandoori chicken, buttered poppadoms, or any of endless curry dishes will show you why. India’s cuisine is so profound you practically need a college course to get your mind wrapped around it–just look at this site to get an idea.

A Taste Of Culture As Unique As Indian Cuisine

Thousands of years of history combine with an ever-changing modern world to make India a land of enchantment and entertainment.

Whether sampling cuisine, exploring historically significant Indian games, sports, or chance diversions, taking in modern Bollywood, or watching enchanting magic that’s defined this land since before Rudyard Kipling even knew it existed, there’s a lot to keep you entertained across India.