The Flash Season 8 on Netflix and The CW
The Flash Season 8 on Netflix and The CW

The Flash Season 8 Netflix Release Date: Season 8 premiered on The CW on Nov 16, 2021. Here’s when it is expected to arrive on Netflix in the United States & other regions.

  • The Flash Season 8 premiered on The CW on Nov 16, 2021.
  • Season 7 of The Flash was added to the Netflix US library on July 28, 2021, exactly 8 days after the season’s finale on The CW.

Arrowverse superhero show ‘The Flash’ is one of the most popular shows on The CW Network. It also enjoys a huge fan following across the globe thanks to Netflix. The streaming giant is the global distributor of the show. Premiered back in 2014, The Flash returned to The CW for its eighth season in November last year. Season 8 premiered on Nov 16, 2021. While millions of viewers in the US watch The Flash on The CW on weekly basis, even more, wait for it to release on Netflix for binge-watching. While The Flash Season 8 is currently airing on The CW, fans are wondering when the new season premieres on Netflix. Here’s everything you need to know about The Flash Season 8 Netflix release date.

How many seasons of The Flash are there?

There are a total of 8 seasons. The Flash premiered on The CW in 2014 and since then a new season is coming every year. Season 7 scheduled for Oct 2020 released was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It premiered in March 2021.

Currently, Season 8 of The Flash is airing on The CW. The previous seven seasons of The Flash are available to stream on Netflix in all regions. The show has already been renewed for the ninth season.

How many episodes does The Flash Season 4 have?

The Flash Season 8 also has 20 episodes. As mentioned above, the new season premiered on Nov 16, 2021. After airing its “Armageddon” crossover event for five weeks, the show went on a break. It returned on March 9, 2022. The Season 8 finale will air on Jun 29, 2022.

When will The Flash Season 8 be on Netflix US?

The CW shows still part of the Netflix/CW deal usually stream about eight days after the finale airs on The CW. The Falsh comes under this deal.

So, the Netflix release date of The Flash Season 8 depends on when the season concludes on The CW. Season 8 finale will air on The CW on Jun 29, 2022. So, The Flash Season 8 should release on Netflix US on July 7, 2022.

When will the other regions receive The Flash Season 8 episodes?

Several regions including Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece etc are receiving new episodes on weekly basis. New episodes air on Tuesdays on The CW in the United States and drop on Netflix on the following Thursday morning.  According to Unogs, The Flash is available to stream on Netflix in 31 countries.

Season 9 of The Flash is also on cards as lead star Grand Gustin has signed a new deal for one more year. Most probably, it is going to be the last season of The CW’s most popular and oldest series.

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