Why did Sanjay Dutt call Salman Khan at midnight?
Why did Sanjay Dutt call Salman Khan at midnight?

Since Sanjay Dutt has been let out of the prison and become a free man, there has been plenty of rumours that all is not well with his ‘Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan. Sanjay was released from the jail earlier this year and Salman didn’t even meet him for once. In fact, Salman went on records saying that once Sanju will be out he would party with him, as he will be a clean and free man. But nothing sort of that happened. And recently, at an event Sanju Baba described Salman as an ‘arrogant’ person which only added fuel to the reports of their cold war. But looks like, everything’s fine between the two. (Sanjay Dutt to make a comeback with Bhoomi)

Good news! Everything is A-OK between Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt!

Apparently, Sanju called Salman on his birthday and spoke for hours. A close friend of both confirmed it, “They’re thick as thieves and speak over the phone for hours, often in the middle of the night. In fact on Salman Khan’s 51st birthday, Dutt despite of being on an international vacay with wife Manyata and children, Iqra and Shahran, made it a point to wish Khan at sharp 12 am.”

And that’s not all. Once Sanju will return home to Mumbai, there will be all night party. Says the source, ”Once Sanjay will be back from his vacay with family, he will party hard with Salman and reminisce their good old days with their closest buddy Suniel Shetty”.

The reason for their alleged fallout was apparently Salman asking Sanjay to replace Ranbir Kapoor in the ‘Dutt Biopic’ to which Sanju Baba politely disagreed. Since then, there has been a cold war between them, but now everything’s fine.



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