Affair between Hrithik Roshan & Kangana Ranaut
Are Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut an item?

It’s been a while that many rumours about the alleged affair between Hrithik Roshan & Kangana Ranaut have been flying around the streets of B-Town.

Apart from the rumour that there was indeed an affair between Hrithik Roshan & Kangana Ranaut, there were reports that they may be working together in Aashiqui 3. We were so happy to hear the news and were totally excited to see the alleged couple romancing on-screen. But then we heard about how Hrithik Roshan got Kangana Ranaut ousted from Aashiqui 3 and our hearts broke!

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla , Kangana Ranaut told her side of the story-

“Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don’t dig graves.”

Whoa! She inadvertently accepted that Hrithik and her dated once but the relationship is now a thing of the past. After this major acceptance on Kangana’s part, the Indian Express contacted Hrithik Roshan to comment about her statement. That’s when he decided that things have gone too far and he took to Twitter to clear things out-

That means Hrithik Roshan is currently single! Good news for you ladies!