Open Face Chinese Poker
Open Face Chinese Poker

Tired of playing the same old games of poker? Desiring for a fresh change? Few interesting rules and strategies to fiddle with? We have a new, exciting variant for you to tweak your brains and win some decent money with your skills while you are at it. Enter Open Face Chinese poker, the new kid in the block!

Open Face Chinese poker, commonly known as OFC is a variant of poker, however, it has features that are quite unique and outstanding and differ a lot from the popular variants that you are used to such as Hold’em and Omaha poker. So, without wasting a moment further, let’s get right on it, we have lots to discover.

Open Face Chinese Poker Gameplay

Open Face Chinese poker is an extremely fun variant of poker that calls for non-stop action. Unlike the regular variants where a maximum of 8-9 players can play the game, OFC poker rules do not allow more than 3 players in one game. Also, you might be surprised to know, OFC poker doesn’t involve chips too! It is a strictly points-based game just like hearts or rummy.

When you play Open Face Chinese Poker, all players are required to form three poker hands in three different rows- top, middle and bottom. However, there are specific OFC poker rules that you must follow while arranging your hands.

The bottom pair and the middle pair contain 5 cards each while the top pair includes only 3 cards. All in all, an OFC hand includes 13 cards. However, players receive 14 cards out of which they discard one and keep the remaining cards to complete their 13 card hand.

OFC Poker Hand Rules

  • The bottom hand must be the strongest of all
  • The middle hand must be better than the top hand

This order of hand formation has to be followed when you play Open Face Chinese poker or else your hand is declared a dead hand. To add to that, you earn zero points besides the money you lose of course! Indeed, like all other skill games, you can play poker for real money too and for various stakes!

Now, let’s dig a little deeper. Remember, not all cards are dealt at once! All players are dealt 5 cards face up at first. Each player uses their cards to form their hands. According to OFC poker rules, once a player sets their hands, the positions can’t be changed. Next, 3 cards are dealt face down out of which players must keep 2 and discard one. This goes on until five rounds in totality and all rows are filled by the players. Next, all points are calculated by comparing hands of all players, Like all other games of poker, there will be a small blind, big blind and a dealer.

Points System in OFC poker rules

When you play Open Face Chinese poker, all players get scored one point for every row. However, you get a Scoop bonus worth 6 points if one player beats the other in all three rows. In another scenario, if one player beats another in 2 out of 3 rows, he/she will get 1 point.

In the 3rd scenario, if you lose 2 out of 3 rows, you get minus 1 point. On the contrary, when you happen to lose in all 3 rows, you end up getting minus 6 points. An interesting feature in OFC poker that tweaks your adrenaline is that you receive a royalty bonus for scoring big hands in different rows.

Join the big league- Fantasy Land!

This is where things get really exciting. When you play OFC poker, you get to enter Fantasy Land if you make a pair of Qs or better in the top row without committing foul. The perks of being in fantasy land is that in the next round, you receive all 14 cards at once and you have the free hand to choose your best 13 card hand. So, your opponent loses the edge because he/she has to stick to the regular rules. Players can stay in Fantasy land if they hit quads or better in the bottom row hand or trips in the top row.

So, how about trying this thrilling variant of poker today? Even though there aren’t too many poker apps hosting this variant in India, we managed to find one for you.

PokerBaazi is Hosting OFC Poker Games for Money

PokerBaazi, an Indian poker site is hosting online poker games of OFC poker for real money. In fact, you can explore and enjoy three exclusive formats of Open Face Chinese poker on the poker site- regular ultimate and progressive. Players can switch between variants and enjoy them for micro, low, mid and high stakes according to their expertise in the card game.

So, what’s keeping you away? Hit the tables and get going already!