Poker Bluff
Poker Bluff

Bluffing is a great strategy in online poker games and believe it or not, every player whether an amateur or pro does it from time to time. Poker is indeed, a game of psychological warfare where you attack your opponent’s mind and deceive him with your actions to gain mental edge in the game.

This is where bluffing becomes a stellar strategy in online poker and if done right, can help you win the pot even with weaker hands than your opponents. However, you can’t be reckless in bluffing and to avoid getting caught, you will have to play your moves with extreme caution, have at least a decent hand to bluff on such as a strong pair and consider every element in your current game.

So, let’s focus on these elements that can help you pull off a successful bluff with minimum challenge from your opponents.

1) Pick the Right Table

This is the first step to improve your chances of a successful bluff in online poker games. In order to avoid a counterattack on your bluff, you got to minimize the opposition. The correct way to do is to pick a table that has a couple of weaklings who are most likely to be gullible to your attacks and fold without questioning your bluff.

If you pick a table that has equally skilled players as yourself, you will be inevitably challenged every now and then. Remember, you never know what your opponents have and smart players are very likely to go down without a fight especially if they believe they have a hand that can challenge yours that can in turn force you to bow down to the pressure. So, go down in stakes whenever you are in the mood for some bluffing,

2) Try to Steal the Blinds

This is a classic trick applied by most players in online poker games. It is one of the easiest ways to win pots by raising pre-flop and sending the message that you have a really strong hand. Combined with the first strategy, raising pre-flop from time to time will definitely win you the blinds or on less favorable days, at least reduce the fight on the table.

All weaklings will fold immediately and a couple of canny guys might contest you till the flop. Eventually, if you apply continuation betting, they will fold before the showdown.

3) Keep Changing your Betting strategy

In online poker games, if you keep sizing your bets the same way every time, eventually you are going to get caught because your opponents will figure out this strategy is working for you. So, you need to bring variation in your betting when you play poker online.

Here are a few betting strategies that can work when you are attempting bluffs in online poker.

  • Raising pre-flop

The main intent behind raising pre-flop is to steal the blinds as we all know by now. This strategy especially works against weaker opponents and those who like to play a tight game.

  • Flat call the flop and raise on the turn

This is again an effective bluffing strategy to show genuine strength that your hand has improved post-flop.

  • C-bet post-flop when checked

Applying continuous pressure is a classic bluffing strategy and best works when your opponent checks you on the flop. C-bet also works when scare cards pop up on the later streets. Never skip betting on any street, or else you will be caught right away.

4) Bluff in  Position

Always bluff in position when you play real money game online like poker. It is important to pick the spots where you will be challenged the least, and if you play according to position, even those with strong hands will make them question the strength of their hand.

The best position of bluffing in online poker games is either the late position, the small blind and the button. Never bluff in the middle position. And when this works, while most will fold, you will have to apply a little bit of pressure on the remaining players to win the pot.

All said and done, make sure you bluff with at least a top pair because whoever will be challenging your bluffs, will have at least something. So, you got to be confident when you use these tactics. There are many more ways to put an effective bluff in online poker games but you must remember you got to strike a balance if you want your opponents to take you seriously and not go over the top.

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