Secrets to Success: Lessons from Sacred Games for Card Game Lovers
Secrets to Success: Lessons from Sacred Games for Card Game Lovers

Sacred Games is returning to your screens and people are really excited to see Ganesh Gaitonde and Sartaj Singh back in action.

We love the show, as much as we love playing card games. We have the same level of passion for the show as much as we have for innovating and challenging games online.

As a Poker game enthusiast, what can you learn from this web series? Although all the lead characters of the series make morally ambiguous decisions most of the time, there are some brilliant lessons this groundbreaking series teaches us about how to achieve great success in life.

Well, we can glean wisdom from anywhere, right?

Don’t believe us? Here are some invaluable lessons Sacred Games teach us about survival at the competitive game tables.

Poker is the most played card game in the world. All the variants of Poker such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Hold’em ++, and Crazy Pineapple are available online which the players can play in cash games and tournament formats.

Learn, adapt, and repeat

Overcoming failure is a skill. In the beginning, Sartaj Singh is a bitter and dejected cop due to his inability to adjust to the circumstances, but he eventually accepts his flows in order to serve the greater good. In a Poker hand, someone has to become the loser. To make sure it’s not you, you have to constantly work on updating your skills. You need to learn how to come out of your comfort zone and start experimenting with your strategies and techniques.

It’s all about persistence

The lesson which is spouted around every corner of the show. There is a difference between patience and fear to make a move. Gaitonde is a strong-willed character. He was not afraid of rejection when you approached Kukoo the first time. He managed to steal here from Isa with his fearlessness. At the Poker tables, it is not possible to get the best cards in every hand. You can’t just keep waiting for the right time to make your move. If you want to make good profits, you have to learn how to widen your opening hand range. Indeed, things will not go every time according to the plan. But cannot stop trying just due to the fear of losing. If you don’t succeed the first time, look for the reasons for your failure, evaluate your mistakes, and find out ways to eliminate them permanently.

Believe in yourself

To become a champion, you must have confidence in your skills and abilities. Even a skinny man like Gaitonde managed to win the city with his courage and become the undisputed king of the underworld. His journey teaches us an important lesson – NEVER underestimate ourselves and never let anyone make us feel that way. Even if your opponent is more skilled and experienced than you, you can still beat him with your determination and commitment to achieve your goals.

Irrespective of whether you play Poker, rummy, or any other card game, it is important to keep a balance between rational thinking and emotions. Gaitonde went berserk due to his wife’s death and in a fit of rage, took irrational decisions that ultimately landed him in jail. At Poker tables, negative thoughts and emotions can influence your critical thinking ability and lead us to make mistakes. It is crucial to learn how to manage your emotions and maintain your cool all the time in order to make the best decisions at the game table

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