Poker Bankroll Tips To Play Online Without Going Broke!
Poker Bankroll

When you play poker online for real money, bankroll management becomes a central element that enables one to play confident and long-lasting poker. After all, you play poker not just for the fun of it but also to make consistent profits inevitably doubling the thrill. So, if you wish to stay on the friendly side of the game, it would be wise to ask yourself certain questions keeping in mind what kind and level of gaming you are currently staged at.

How Do You Begin?

For starters, let’s establish a thumb rule of poker bankroll management. Begin your game by staying within your stake limits. Never put in more money than you can afford to lose! Stick yourself to the key idea that you are here to grow money from your original investment. Be it in a cash game or a tournament, your aim should be to multiply your buy-in to the maximum value solely through your gaming skills, not by depositing more money every time you get eliminated. In nutshell, do not bite more than you can chew.

If you are playing poker for the first time, pick a poker site that offers decent welcome bonus so that you can play more for less.

Which Variant Are You Playing?

A vital fact that you must consider for effective poker bankroll management is to understand what kind of game you are playing. The impact on your poker bankroll can vary depending on which variant you are playing. To be precise, losses in Pot Limit Omaha can be gut-wrenching due to high variance and crazy downswings as compared to Hold’em games.

The primary reason behind this is the fact that Omaha poker games contain four hole cards that leads to stronger hand combinations consequently leading to bigger bets and even crazier bad beats that could cost you dearly. So, when you play Omaha poker, the action is intense and thus you will need a bigger poker bankroll to handle huge losses.

Are You On Tilt?

It is a very bad idea to play poker online if you are feeling grumpy today. You are only going to make things worse and end up losing more money. Playing poker on revenge mode never bodes well for anybody. It is easy to go on tilt and you will end up making some pretty rash decisions in the attempt to cover up your losses and your online poker bankroll will be zero in no time. Take a break if you need to, get some fresh air, read a light book, listen to some soothing music to bring yourself to a state of calm.

Are You Mixing Your Finances?

Another thumb rule to keep your online poker bankroll rolling is to treat it as exclusive. At no point in your game, you are supposed to pour in money from your regular finances. Set limits on your deposits if need be but do not deviate from your original bankroll that you began your game with.

Mixing finances, seeking credit from others or procrastinating your daily bills to finance your next poker tournament are red flags that will lead to sum zero not just in your online poker bankroll but your overall income in due course of time.

An online poker site in India, PokerBaazi has been remarkable in practicing responsible gaming in their business, something that every gaming platform should promote. Players can benefit significantly and stay on the right track by using its tools that shall certainly help in efficient poker bankroll management. Here’s what the platform has to offer to all players.

  • It allows players to set daily, weekly and monthly limits on deposits and transaction counts. Players can change these limits anytime and keep track on their online poker bankroll.
  • Players can place separate limits on the cash tables and OFC tables
  • Those playing till the last rupee can use the tool called poker break to deactivate their account for a stipulated period, Players are denied access to their account during this cool off period and access the same once the break is over.
  • If these above tools fail to rescue you, feel free to reach Baazi Care support wherein you can contact any counsellor to help you with any sort of emotional, mental or physical struggle.

After reading this much, you can easily gather that certain healthy practices on your part can certainly keep your poker bankroll running without much friction. Winnings and losses are part of all games, so keep your end goal clear and untainted through a balanced approach towards the game at all times. Like all businesses and ventures, make wise logical decisions to keep your bankroll fuller and game richer.

All the best.