Money Heist Season 5 Netflix Release Date, Plot
Money Heist Season 5 Netflix

Money Heist Season 5: Release date, plot, cast, here’s everything you need to know about the final season of Netflix’s Money Heist.

  • Netflix has announced the premiere date of its most anticipated show of 2021, Money Heist Season 5.
  • The fifth season of Money Heist will be released in two parts of five episodes each.

La Casa de Papel is a Spanish TV Drama created by Alex Pina. Money Heist is the name of its international English version. After coming to Netflix, it broke several records. The show won the Best Drama Series International Emmy 2018 and is Netflix’s most viewed non-English series with 44 million households streamed the third season in the first four weeks of its release. Such is the craze for the show that the fourth season fetched 65 million views. It received tremendous response across the world and is one of the most viewed series on Netflix.

The much anticipated Season 4 premiered in April 2020. While it was expected to be the final season, the makers ended it on a cliffhanger, leaving all of us excited for yet another season.

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Will there be Season 5 of Money Heist? Yes definitely. Netflix has renewed the show for the fifth season and it is going to be the final season.

The show is returning for its fifth and final season in 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about Money Heist season 5 from its release date, production status, cast, plot, and why we won’t be getting a season 6.

Has Money Heist been renewed for season 5?

Netflix officially confirmed the fifth season on July 31, 2020. A tweet by Netflix’s official account read “the heist comes to an end” meaning that season 5 will be the final part of the mindblowing thriller series.

Has the production started yet?

Season 4 was released in April 2020 so it is expected that another season will come in 2021. However, it was claimed by several Spanish sites that the pre-production began in October 2019.

Speaking to ABC Spain, creator Álex Pina hinted that discussions are happening, although no details have been officially released: “Someone knows there will be [a fifth season], but we don’t.”

Director Jesús Colmenar told the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that “there is going to be a fifth”.

The latest we know is, filming started in Aug 2020 as some fans shared on-set pictures on social media. On September 10, 2020, Itziar Ituño posted that she had returned to the set captioned with “Lisbon is back”.

As per the latest update we have, filming for season five wrapped up in May 2021. The filming suffered a considerable delay due to the pandemic. It was excepted to wrap up in Feb 2021.

Money Heist Season 5 Plot

Money Heist is an international phenomenon that still maintains a place in the top 5 shows in several countries. This show has everything you expect – crime, thriller, romance, with a much exciting and interesting plot that won’t let you bore for even a second. The show is about some strangers coming together and form a gang for a big heist and the gang is controlled by a professor.

The gang achieves its target by overcoming a lot of struggles with the hostages and amongst themselves too. The show portrays brilliant mind games and fine strategies. Because of its unpredictable and overwhelming plot, the show gained huge success.

However, in season 4, Nairobi bid goodbye to us as she died while the professor being trapped by a senior officer, Alicia. Season 4 ended with an intense climax. The heist is on with Lisbon now joining the rest of the gang in the Bank of Spain. There are multiple theories regarding season 5.

Some believe that now the gang will work together to free the professor from Alicia and some believe that in season 5, Alicia will reveal that she is actually Berlin’s wife who is now dead. Some others believe her pregnancy to be fake. The theories are never-ending and are quite agreeable.

Alex Pina in an interview confirmed that season 5 will effectively be an all-out war saying “the gang will now be pushed into irreversible situations, into a wild war. It is the most epic part of all the parts we’ve shot.”

Money Heist Season 5 Cast

We might not see every cast member as some of the characters have already died, Nairobi, Berlin, Moscow to name a few. Most probably they are not part of the show anymore. Here’s a list of the cast members who are probably going to come back for season 5.

  • Ursula Corbero as Tokyo
  • Alvaro Morte as The Professor
  • Itziar Ituno as Lisboa
  • Miguel Herran as Rio
  • Jamie Lorento as Denver
  • Esther Acebo as Monica Gaztambide or Stockholm
  • Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki

In August 2020 alongside the official announcement, two new cast members were announced to be part of season 5. Miguel Ángel Silvestre joins the star cast is believed to be a new villain for the final season. The second new cast member announced for season 5 is Patrick Criado. In September 2020, FormulaTV reported that José Manuel Seda has joined the cast.

We may also see more of Nairobi as she is listed in season 5 episode 1 of the show on the IMDb listing.

Money Heist Season 5 Netflix Release Date

There was a gap of just nine months between seasons three and four of Money Heist. However, due to the pandemic, the production of all Netflix shows and movies took a hit including Money Heist Season 5.

Filming for season 5 started in Aug 2020 and was delayed several times due to pandemic restrictions. It finally wrapped up in May 2021. Netflix confirmed Money Heist season 5 is coming in the second half of 2021. Now the question remains in which month we can expect our favorite thriller show to arrive.

Well, seeing the anticipation for season five, Netflix has announced the release date. The fifth season will be released in two parts of 5-episodes each. The five first episodes will be available on Netflix on September 3, with the five remaining episodes, will arrive on December 3. Watch the first teaser right here:

If you are on the lookout for a great entertaining show which will keep you fixated and makes you want to watch one episode more every hour. We recommend you to watch ‘Money Heist’ right now on Netflix.