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Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro

Ashutosh Gowariker’s highly-anticipated movie Mohenjo Daro is in theatres now. Starring Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in lead roles, Mohenjo Daro is set during the time of Indus Valley civilization. The reviews are out and it seems that Hrithik Roshan has once again delivered a terrific performance. Critics seem to be impressed by Ashutosh Gowariker’s work and most of them have given positive reviews to the movie.  Let’s read how the critics have rated and reviewed Mohenjo Daro. (Read: Mohenjo Daro Budget, Screen Count and Other Details)

Mohenjo Daro Review By Sneha Francis from Emirates: When a filmmaker of Ashutosh Gowariker’s repute decides to make a movie on Mohenjo Daro, the biggest settlement of Indus valley civilisation, you would expect him to be historically accurate yet retain his worth as a storyteller. However, his ‘Mohenjo Daro’ fails on both accounts. What’s even more questionable is the decision to invest in music (A R Rahman) and costume, but not on graphics, especially when it’s crucial to the narrative. The climax footage is profoundly dodgy, making you wonder how Gowariker green-lighted it. What’s even more dampening is the story, which is so archaic in tone and texture that it leaves us detached and thoroughly bored.
Rating: N/A
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Umair Sandhu from UAE: Exclusive Review of ‪#‎MohenjoDaro. SPECTACULAR & OUTSTANDING film ! Mohenjo Daro leaves you spellbound, enthralled, entranced and awestruck. Ashutosh Gowariker makes the legendary characters come alive on screen. Take a Bow ! It also works because of right casting. ‪#‎HrithikRoshan seems born to play this role and he enacts it with such precision, such flourish, such confidence that it leaves you asking for more. A Mind boggling performance without doubt ! Award Worthy Performance by him. ‪ On the whole, Mohenjo Daro is without a fantastic film in all Respects. Strongly Recommended to all of u.
Rating: 4 stars
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Mohenjo Daro Review: Twitter and Audience Reviews

Atul Sharma ‏@atulrohinya: Exclusive Review #MohenjoDaro from Overseas. Brilliant film in all Respects. Great Performances & Tight Writing. 4/5 #Hrithik has delivered a career best performance. He nails the character head on and proves that only he could have played such a character. His transformation from farmer to lover to fighter is legendary.

Siddharth Menon @sid-effects:  #MohenjoDaro is not for the faint hearted! You need patience to watch this. Patience and ability to not kill yourself after the end credits.

MessiDona @leo_farca: If you can sit through boredom of first half,you will be treated with brilliantly executed second half.#MohenjoDaro Zero emotional scenes,cliched romance and teen guna ‘lagaan’ let down first half.#MohenjoDaro Brilliant perfrm from hrithik and top notch Bgm by Rehman lifted the movie in 2nd half.Action scenes beautifully choreographed.#MohenjoDaroWell, the reviews seems to be in the favour of the movie.

Well, the reviews seem to be in the favour of the movie. Hrithik Roshan has impressed once again with his acting, persona, dancing and action sequences. Please bookmark this page as we will update it with more reviews as soon as they are available.


  1. Man, that erena fight with those monsters dudes was amazing.. HR probably earnt his 50 Crs right there..
    For the money.. I still think this movie had to push for much bigger budget.. It seemed Ashu’s hands were so tight.. he had to cut n fasten up proceedings so much.. esp. in last 30 minutes.. That was all hollywoodish.. but BWish in execution..

    The kayak/boat bridge they create for ppl of MD to come over (Triangle)and not washed out in the flow of tsunami when the dam collapses.. is amazing.

    Thums Up for HR & AG

  2. It’s just simple story of simple era.. But on a grand scale.

    Simplicity in first half and action in second half.. well balanced. Shocking opening that before even ppl sit down.. a croc attack fight.. to the soothing.. mother Ganga.. it’s gonna get WoM..

    Good Luck HR & AG 🙂


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