Akshay Kumar’s first film of 2017 ‘Jolly LLB 2’ trailer is just out and we must say, this one is quite impressive! The trailer is a mixture of comedy, romance, drama and tragedy. The icing on the cake is Akshay’s perfect dialogue delivery and witty one-liners.

The trailer opens with Akshay Kumar in the courtroom raising question like, “Kya aap bata sakte hain ki Salman Khan ki shaadi kab hogi?” to which all the people present break into laughter, making the judge Saurabh Shukla irritated. Soon after, other characters of the movie Huma Qureshi – who plays Akki’s wife in the movie, Annu Kapoor – another advocate in the movie, make an appearance.

The trailer describes Akki as a schemer and dreamer. The scheme part being Akshay explaining to his wife that he will be such a famous lawyer some day that people will say, “Ki wo jaaraha hai Jagdishwar Mishra aur uski biwi Pushpa Pandey(Huma Qureshi) Rolls Royce mein!” and the dreamer part shows Akshay dreaming that someday someone will praise him saying he has 20 years of experience as an excellent lawyer.

All through the trailer, Akki shows a strong persona. The movie is inspired by true incidents where Akshay has to fight for justice and handle all obstacles single-handedly. A face off with Annu Kapoor is the part highlighted most. But what caught our attention was Akki’s closing dialogue in the trailer. “Is duniya ke sabse bade Jaahil ne kaha ta ki ishq aur jung mein sab kuch jayaz hai! Kyun ki agar aisa hai, toh fir border per sipahiyon ke sar kaatne wale bhi jayaz hai aur jawan ladkiyon ke acid fekne wale aashiq bhi!” This deserves endless applause!

Sporting a parted oiled-hair look and a thick moustache, Akshay definitely looks fit for the bill as a lawyer. Directed by Subhash Kapoor and produced by Fox Star Studios, ‘Jolly LLB 2’ will release on 10th February 2017.We are definitely waiting for this one!

We are definitely waiting for this one.