Hrithik Roshan in Bigg Boss House
Hrithik Roshan in Bigg Boss House

Bollywood Greek God Hrithik Roshan finally entered the Bigg Boss 8 house to promote Bang Bang. Hrithik was very much excited to meet the contestants as he has planned many “bang bang dare” for them. Hrithik tweeted before the episode aired on TV.

As soon as Hrithik entered the house, a flock of dancers appeared and dance on Bang Bang songs. The contestants went crazy when they saw Hrithik. The actor then gave each contestant a bang bang dare.

Praneet was given a tongue-twister which he did very well and got an applause. Next, Deepshika was assigned to do “bend the rod” dare with Hrithik. After that, everyone had to walk on a pile of broken glasses, which all the inmates did successfully. Hrithik advised them to do risky things and remove fear from life.

However, the most interesting part was when Hrithik made rivals Gautam-Karishma do couple dance. At first both were hesitant. However, later both did intimate steps on the title track of Bang Bang. Hrithik even made them hug and make up for the fights that happened.

It was nice to see the inmates take up the ‘Bang Bang dare’ sportingly, as they had to perform various daring activities. Lastly, the actor took a cool selfie with all the inmates.

Hrithik Roshan enters Bigg Boss 8 house to promote Bang Bang
Hrithik Roshan’s cool selfies from Bigg Boss House

This season, surely has many interesting twists and turns to stay in news all the time!

Stay tuned for more .

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  1. I don’t really liked that day show, but i am the big fan of show bigg boss. i never missed a single show. because the intentions of promoting his movie on bigg boss without salman wasn’t right, also prmotion fro faltu movie turned that day show boaring.

  2. I am the big fan of Bigg boss and also have watched this episode. literally it was boring because of his intention of only promoting movie which is not so impressive.


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