From Baazigar to Baahubali: 5 Blockbuster Movies Rejected By Sridevi


Movies rejected by Sridevi: In a career span of 40+ years, she worked in some big movies. But, still there are some blockbusters which she rejected.

Sridevi was one of those stars who stole the limelight whenever she did a movie, and it seems like it was nothing that the Bollywood could even think of. Her unexpected death at a measly age of 54 only, means that are film industry lost its first female superstar at a very small age.

With her iconic beauty and girlish charm, she was able to do more than 300 movies and spread her talent. But there were many iconic movies which she could have been a part of but her choice was to stay out of them. Now let’s look at some of them:

2Movies rejected by Sridevi - MohraDil To Pagal Hai

This movie meant that now Sridevi had turned down for roles in which she had to star opposite Shahrukh Khan. At the same time, Yashraj would not have felt so good after another directorial from him was rejected by Sridevi. The reason why she turned down the role is that she felt that he had done more roles like this in the past and this one was pretty similar to them and there was no reason to do it again.