Elite Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know
Elite Season 4

Elite Season 4: A Spanish thriller teen drama is all set to return on Netflix for its season 4. Here is everything you need to know about its plot, cast, release date, and more.

  • Netflix officially renewed the show on May 22, 2020.
  • Currently, the filming is going at a steady pace with COVID-19 protocols being strictly followed on set.
  • Season 4 is arriving on Netflix on June 18, 2021.

Elite is a Netflix original Spanish thriller teen drama series. This international sensation show has received love from viewers across the globe. It is not just another teen drama series and has some beautiful, surprising, and powerful elements. It portrays the clash of regular and wealthy kids which eventually leads to murder. The show deals with themes such as homosexuality, class division, love and separation, murder, religious prejudice, and manipulation. It has many intimate scenes too due to which it is recommended for young adults. As the show progresses, it unravels some deep dark truths of each and every character which makes viewers stick to the show.

After the success of the third season, Netflix renewed the show for a fourth season. Season 3 arrived on Mar 13, 2020, and within two months of its release, Netflix announced season 4. The announcement was made public through Elite’s social media channels on May 22.

The tweet read, “Its official., We’ll back for season 4.” We are here to give you all about Elite Season 4 from its release date, cast, and plot.

Elite Season 4: Expected Plot

The show focuses on the lives of teenage kids studying in Las Encinas with their life entangled in drugs, secrets, sex, love, and revenge. In season 1, the plot depicted the rivalry of rich and poor classmates and unfortunately, Marina (Maria Pedraza) dies.

Season 3 revolves around teenage lives and related problems and finding the murderer of Marina. However, the characters found out that the actual murderer is Polo (Alvaro Rico) and his friends start despising him which was saddening for Polo as well. In season 3, life for characters becomes more miserable when Lucrecia (Danna Paola) accidentally kills Polo and a new character was seen named Malick (Leiti Sene).

However, Season 2 ends up with all friends trying to save Lucrecia from the police. Guzman (Miguel Bernareau), Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Rebeka (Claudia Salas), Ander (Aron Piper), and Omar (Omar Ayuso) are still in that school while everyone moves out for higher studies. So, we could expect season 4 to begin from that point and unraveling some quarrels with new characters as well.

In fact, the new characters have been introduced in the trailer released on May 20, 2021. Coming both from royalty and from scholarships, the new additions – played by Manu RiosCarla DíazMartina Cariddi, and Pol Granch – promise to make the show more excited.

The third season ended on a major cliffhanger with a lot of unanswered questions. The fourth season is expected to answer them. Season 3 is expected to have big changes with a rotating cast. Elite season 3 ending was quite intriguing. Here is a video by Nerd Round explaining it:

Has the production started for Elite season 4?

On May 22, 2020, just two months after the season 3 release, Netflix announced season 4 of Elite with a video of some cast members addressing the plot to be intense and that they have received the scripts.

As the show is set in Spain, the filming has been impacted significantly due to the widespread coronavirus. FormulaTV reported that the filming started in August. In Aug 2020, @seriesTWBZ tweeted that production had shut down due to positive cases on sets.

Current reports state that the filming has wrapped up. A report by a Spanish website Bluper states that the series fourth and fifth seasons are supposed to be filmed back-to-back.

Elite Season 4: Cast

We’ll see a mix of both old cast members returning and some new faces. In July 2020, we got our first look at some of the new cast members who will be part of season 4. These new cast members are:

  • Martina Cariddi
  • Carla Díaz
  • Pol Granch
  • Diego Martín
  • Manu Ríos

Cast members confirmed to return for season four are:

  • Miguel Bernadeau as Guzman
  • Aron Piper as Ander
  • Omar Ayuso as Omar (will bid goodbye after season 4)
  • Itzan Escamilla as Samuel (will bid goodbye after season 4)
  • Georgina Amoros as Cayetana
  • Claudia Salas as Rebeka

Season four will have a bunch of new cast members as expected by fans. So, look forward to it.

Elite Season 4 Netflix Release Date

The fourth season is arriving on Netflix on May 18, 2021. The streaming giant shared a video announcing the release date. It features the main cast, a lot of new cast members for the new season.

Not to mention, if you loved charismatic characters Denver (Jamie Lorento) and Rio (Miguel Herran) of Money Heist, you will not be disappointed by their characters here as well. So, watch this powerful series now on Netflix and if you are fond of murder mystery shows, trust me Elite will not disappoint. Watch seasons 1 to 3 of Elite on Netflix.