Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Trailer and Preview
Dexter: New Blood Episodes

Showtime’s super hit crime thriller Dexter is back with a continuation series titled Dexter: New Blood. Here’s how many episodes ‘Dexter: New Blood’ has and other details.

  • Dexter: New Blood premiered on Showtime on November 7, 2021.
  • A new episode airs every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

Showtime’s crime thriller drama Dexter was a huge global hit when it originally aired from 2006 to 2013. The show concluded after running for eight seasons. However, its shocking finale left most fans unimpressed. Now, the show is back with its continuation show titled Dexter: New Blood probably to end the series on a better note.

The reboot series is set 10 years after the events of the original series finale “Remember the Monsters?“. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) has moved from Miami, Florida to Iron Lake, New York. In the new town, Dexter Morgan has started a new life as a shopkeeper named Jim Lindsay. The new series has him reuniting with his estranged son Harrison (Jack Alcott) and in a romantic relationship with local police officer Angelia Bishop (Julia Jones). However, things aren’t as smooth as it seems. Morgan’s killing and dark instincts wake up and we are set in for a treat. So, how big is this treat for Dexter fans? How many total episodes are in Dexter: New Blood? Will there be another season?

How many episodes are in Dexter: New Blood?

The original series Dexter had 12 episodes each season. However,  Dexter: New Blood has 10 episodes in total. The show premiered on Showtime on November 7, 2021. The episode titles have been revealed. Have a look:

Episode Number Title
Episode 1 Cold Snap
Episode 2 Storm of Fuck
Episode 3 Smoke Signals
Episode 4 H Is for Hero
Episode 5 Runaway
Episode 6 Too Many Tuna Sandwiches
Episode 7 Skin of Her Teeth
Episode 8 Big Game
Episode 9 TBA
Episode 10 Sins of the Father

When will Dexter: New Blood Finale air?

The show premiered on Nov 7, 2021. A new episode air every Sunday at 9 pm EST on Showtime. Based on the release schedule we have received, there is no break in between and the season finale will air on Jan 9, 2022

Where to watch Dexter: New Blood?

Dexter: New Blood airs weekly on Sunday night on SHOWTIME, a premium TV channel in the United States. You can watch new episodes on Sunday on Showtime at 9:00 pm EST.

Netizens with a SHOWTIME subscription can get free access to SHOWTIME Anytime. It is a Showtime app, which features all of the network’s original and regular content. Viewers with subscription details can catch new episodes on Showtime’s official website

In India, viewers can watch the new episodes of Dexter: New Blood on Voot. In Canada, viewers can catch the show on Crave. The UK residents can watch new episodes the next day on Sky’s Now Service.

Will there be Dexter: New Blood Season 2?

Dexter: New Blood has received a favourable response from critics and viewers. The makers have managed to match the quality they delivered several years ago when Dexter was one of the best crime thrillers in the United States.

Despite the tremendous response, the makers have no plans to renew the show. Showtime’s president Gary Levine has called the new batch of episodes “a proper finale for a brilliant series.

For now, the fans can only enjoy the 10 new episodes and hope for the best. However, we shouldn’t be hoping for more as the new show serves as a fitting climax to the original series.