Will There Be Clickbait Season 2 on Netflix? Probable Release Date
Clickbait Season 2

Clickbait is Netflix’s thriller drama mini-series that premiered on Aug 25, 2021. As viewers are binge-watching season one, everyone is wondering if the show will return for the second season. Will there be Clickbait Season 2 on Netflix? When could be the release date if it gets renewed? Here’s everything you need to know.

Will there be Clickbait Season 2?

Before making any comment on the second season possibility, let’s see what happened in the first season. (Spoilers ahead)

The thriller mini-series opens with a mystery that keeps you hooked till the very end. The first season starts with an ordinary man Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier) is kidnapped and a video of him confessing unfathomable crimes appears online. The person shooting the video promises that Nick will die when the video hits 5 million views.

By the end of the second episode, Nick’s body gets discovered. However, the thrilling drama keeps you engaged till the end of the season when it was revealed, what happened to him.

Throughout the first season run, you get introduced to several characters who are connected to the case. There are several twists and turns in the narrative. However, the first season has a conclusive end. It concludes with Nick’s funeral, revealing the identity of the kidnapper and the reason behind it. So, season 1 leaves little room for a potential Season 2.

Netflix has made no official announcement about the second season. The series was planned as one season-long limited show and it wrapped up pretty well. So, no loose ends remain that needs to be tied.

One thing that can drive Netflix to renew the series is its popularity. If the first season garners massive viewership then the streaming giant could order a second season covering a different storyline.

Clickbait Season 2 Release Date 

The first season of Clickbait took around three months for filming and around the same time for post-production. If Clickbait season 2 happens, we will see a new story with new characters, in a way a new show.

If Netflix renews the show by the end of this year, it would take around 12-15 months for it to premiere. Considering that the show gets renewed then expect Clickbait Season 2 not to land on Netflix before fall 2022.

The first season of Clickbait is streaming on Netflix. You can follow us for more updates on TV and web shows.