Bollywood 100 Crore Club : Is 100 Crore as a parameter of success still relevant ?

Producing around thousand films a year, Bollywood is hands down the largest film industry in the world. When it comes to success of a movie; it has always been determined by numbers. Be it the yesteryear era where the criteria of a blockbuster was ‘NUMBER OF WEEKS’ (silver jubilee/golden jubilee), or today when a film is considered superhit on the basis of ‘NUMBER OF CRORES’ it garners.

“100 CRORE CLUB” is the new definition of Bollywood to decide a film’s fate. Any movie which manages to scrape an amount of 100 crore raises a new bar. But is it fair to judge the quality of a movie merely by calculating the records on its ticket window? Don’t you think that in the race of entering the so-called 100 crore club, Bollywood is somewhere losing its fad.

We often hear that movies like Udaan, Lootera, The Lunchbox, Kahaani  got positive reviews from both critics and audience but are nowhere to be seen in the list of highest grossing movies. The term given to them is SLEEPER HITS which not at all rationalize the brilliance of these masterpieces. On the other hand, nuisances like Kick, Dhoom3, Chennai Express, Son Of Sardaar, Grand Masti are topping the charts everywhere.


It is only because of this irrelevant concept that actors like Asin, Kajal Aggarwal, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Aftab Shivdasani, Uday Chopra, Vivek Oberoi are considered successful. Actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan have done much more woman-centric and meatier roles than Kareena Kapoor. But still Bebo is considered Numero-Uno, only because she was part of four such movies (3 Idiots, Bodyguard, Ra.One, Golmaal 3) portraying roles which any other actress could have done with equal anticipation.


The fact is that today a star with a huge fan following is all it takes for a movie to make a grand entry in the 100 Crore Club. The hype that a movie’s pre-release and the promotion do is often more than enough to justify this brainless concept.  Can’t a movie releasing on several hundred screens with thousands of prints and playing at  lakhs of theatres at the same time collect 100 crores easily? Then why is even 100 crore not enough? Is box-office collection is all that matters? Where has the concept of meaningful cinema faded away?

Gone are the days when right from a movie’s story, its music, its screenplay, everything was an essential ingredient to make a movie legendary

But today all it takes is a star, his reserved festival (Eid, Christmas) and some weird promotional stint that makes a movie an entrant in the MOST SUCCESSFUL MOVIE of all times.

Stay tuned for more Bollywood and more on 100 Crores Club !

Bollywood 100 Crore Club : A True judge of success ?
3 Idiots : The most famous from Bollywood 100 Crore Club



  1. Totally correct!!! Earnings has nothing to do with good movies. There are many good movies gone unnoticed

  2. good, informative read, poses questions which we all have been thinking for a while, sounds justly intolerant to quick-money-making-movie-fixes. Love it! 🙂

  3. makes a good, informative read, puts up questions we all have, and sounds intolerable to quick-money-movie-fixes, well done! 🙂


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