Lootera movie still
Lootera movie still

So many first words for lootera, and I am yet to find a negative comment on Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera.

B2B friend Rahul had a chance to watch lootera before us. Lets have a look at what he says :

“Lootera is what best you can make out of a literary piece with good direction ,wardrobe,sets,screenplay , acting, music and background score.
There was an era when movies were made based on literature but then we lost it…Lootera tries to bring it back.
Lootera does not much feel like a movie, I felt like going through a book, it’s slow and detailed…..but that’s what makes it stand out.
Ranveer Singh is the Hugh Jackman of bollywood, reminded me of Kate and Leopold.
In summary ,Lootera is a twisted tale of love,Its different its charming. To enjoy it you have to be into it like reading a book else you might find it slow and boring.”

And I must add it is not easy to impress him.

Not only friends but we have celebrities being outspoken for Lootera

Kalki says

“Lootera is the best hindi film i have seen since Udaan”

Karan Johar twitted

“Saw the superbly crafted and performed Lootera. Sonakshi is a revelation!!! All accolades for Vikram, team Phantom and team Balaji,”


What’s your take on Lootera ? Positive or have some shikayatein ?



  1. I too loves the movie mainly as you mentioned song sequences,backgrounds,costumes and even the car

  2. Yea, umesh what you is correct or not but for me i too have the same comment about lootera.I love all songs,costumes,backgrounds,romance and even the cars


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