Dhoom 3 first look movie poster
Dhoom 3 first look movie poster

Dhoom 3 Movie Review

Dhoom series is back with the third installment of the franchise as Dhoom 3. Dhoom 3 delivers well on the anticipations that the movie built in the  last two months. Though we cannot put it in the class of 3 Idiots, but still it is an engaging thriller with good twists and surprises, riveting climax, breathtaking stunts and finally the charismatic presence of Aamir Khan.

Let’s dig a little deeper into Dhoom 3

Story and Direction:

Movie makes a nicely spun plot reel in front of audience with an increasing  engagement level. The movie halts for intermission at a nicely placed twist. Second half starts on the set stage of first half but takes it to a better  level of cinema. Comparatively, it is the second half that makes the film look good. While the movie exits on a very nice end, some may still find it as not so well as the movie does not makes a happy ending.

The movie starts in the beautiful city of Chicago where a mysterious thief Sahir (Amir Khan) is constantly robbing the branches of a specific bank which has resulted in the suicide of his father Iqbal Khan  (Jackie Shroff). To catch him ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra)are called from India and the cat and mouse chase begins again.  It is better if rest is kept unsaid now.

Dhoom 3 is Director Vijay Krisna Acharya‘s second offering after Tashan which was a washout. With Dhoom 3 he has done a wonderful job by making an edge of the seat thriller with fabulous visual effects and well executed gravity defying stunts. Well the movie is not only action oriented but has an emotional part too with a blossoming romance.

Vijay has tried to deliver with a romantic – action packed thriller but the script gives less scope for romantic element to grow. The movie seems far fledged from reality at some junctions but this point is ignorable as well.

Character Performances

Dhoom 3 is a One Man show. I recall an interview read online where Abhishek Bachchan says ‘ I and Uday are Dhoom’ . Can’t resist laughing on it.

It is all about Amir Khan from start to finish. At times we feel illusion-ed and unable to believe Aamir, as there is no correlation from his character of Inspector Shekhawat in Talaash. He just simply transforms himself in the character of Sahir which can be done only by a true artist.

The plot  has also given him maximum screen space and he has grabbed it with both hands and has come out with an exhilarating performance It is the magnetism of Aamir that rest of the star cast looks as if they are  in guest appearances in the movie.

Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra have done their usual job which they have been doing  from their prequels. Katrina Kaif has a very brief appearance but she shines in her acrobatic look in the songs Kamli and Malang, Jackie Shroff plays her part weel in the first ten minutes of the film, but overall it is only Aamir Khan who is the soul of the film.


The music of the film is decent and is composed by Pritam. The mix of Sufi and Rock Malang is the best of all the tracks. Malang happens to be the most expensive song of Bollywood costing Rs 5 Crores. Dhoom Signature tune is lively and  pumps zeal and energy when heard during the movie. Kamli is another Sufi song which is also a delight to watch for Katrina’s stunning dance moves. Tu Hi Junoon is average and Dhoom Tap is an instrumental track. Aamir looks good in Tap Song but we miss Hrithik here. ( Read Entire Music Review here : Dhoom 3 Music Review)

Watch it for : 

Watch it for engaging script, fast and furious action sequences, gravity defying stunts and for Amir Khan’s sensation performance.

Skip Dhoom 3 for :

If you  do not like Amir Khan and mass entertainers.

Dhoom 3 Movie Review Verdict

Dhoom 3 is an intriguing thriller and worth a watch as it is Aamir Khan’s most accomplished performance in full commercial cinema.

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