Black Lightning Season 5 update
Black Lightning Season 5

Will Arrowverse show ‘Black Lightning’ return for its fifth season? Here’s everything you need to know.

One of the popular The CW’s shows ‘Black Lightning’ premiered on Jan 16, 2018. In the past four years, Black Lightning established itself as one of The CW’s best shows. The series is about a retired superhero with the ability to harness and manipulate electricity as well as enhanced strength. He returns to fighting crime as superhero Black Lightning after his daughters are kidnapped by a local gang. Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning is also the principal of Garfield High School. Jefferson is later demoted to a teacher as a result of his double life as a metahuman vigilante.

The fourth season of the superhero series concluded airing on The CW on May 24, 2021. Ever since the fans have been waiting for the next set of episodes. will there be Black Lightning Season 5? Let’s have a look.

Black Lightning Season 5: Cancelled or Renewed?

The Arrowverse saw some major changes in the last couple of years. In September 2020, The CW announced that Supergirl would end after its sixth and final season. Talking about Black Lightning, it was announced that season 4 would be the show’s last chapter. The announcement came in November 2020, before the fourth season started airing on the network in Feb 2021.

A consistent drop in viewership was the main reason behind the show’s cancellation. The cancellation announcement was heartbreaking for the fans and they are hoping for the show to get revived.

What happened in Black Lightning Season 4 Finale?

Black Lightning season 4 came to an end with Jefferson Pierce take on his arch-rival Tobias Whale once and for all. The finale saw Jefferson Pierce officially retire as the superhero. The final scene has Jefferson pass the torch to Thunder, Lightning, and Grace Choi, while announcing he and Lynn Stewart were getting re-married.

Will Jefferson Pierce return?

Despite Black Lightning season 5 stands cancelled, we can hope to see Jefferson Pierce return to the Arrowverse. In fact, fans may not have to wait for long to see Jefferson back in the Arrowverse.

In an interview with EW, the actor revealed he had the final scene “tweaked” a bit, specifically because The Flash makers had already contacted him. According to Williams, he’s been invited to possibly guest for a few episodes in The Flash season 8. So, the next season of The Flash will see Black Lightning reunite with Barry Allen.

What happened to Black Lightning Spinoff?

Another bad news for Arrowverse fans is that ‘Painkiller,’ The CW’s planned spin-off of Black Lightning, will not be moving forward. The CW cancelled the Spinoff after ordering the pilot. Had the spinoff been picked up, it would have followed Khalil Payne’s new life in Akashic Valley with his own team. He could have become Arrowverse’s first anti-hero.

What future holds for Black Lightning?

Apart from Jefferson Pierce stars in a guest appearance in The Flash, the heroines could easily make guest appearances across any of the ongoing and future Arrowverse shows. Though Black Lightning Season 5 is not coming, the season 4 finale has perfectly set up a spinoff featuring Thunder, Lightning, and Grace as a team.

The four seasons of Black Lightning are available to stream on Netflix US. With season 4 added on June 16, 2021, that means all four seasons will depart from Netflix US in June 2026.