Best Bollywood Remakes Of Hollywood Movies: Baazigar & More
Best Bollywood Remakes Of Hollywood Movies

From Baazigar to Kaante, here is the list of some good Bollywood remakes of Hollywood movies. Which of these is your favorite?

Bollywood movies are often copied from foreign movies and our filmmakers try to hide the fact that their movies are indeed adapted or inspired. But sometimes it is almost impossible to hide this fact. While most of the time, Indian filmmakers ripped apart good Hollywood movies, there are a few occasions when they were up to the task. We present you the list of 7 Bollywood remakes of Hollywood movies that were actually good.


Most Amazing Hollywood Remakes in Bollywood- Murder

Murder is remembered as Mallika Sherawat’s debut film and as one of the best erotic movies ever made in Bollywood. While the movie received a lot of love thanks to the story as well as the leads, very few people know that the movie was actually the remake of the Hollywood film Unfaithful.



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