Hrithik and Katrina in Bang Bang Title Song. Bang Bang Music Review
Hrithik and Katrina in Bang Bang Title Song

Bang Bang Movie Review: Polished ‘Agent Vinod’ or flying ‘Kites’?

I hated those two hours spend while watching Agent Vinod’s mindless action scenes. But does ‘Bang Bang’ comes out any better? Well, it might not be as bad as I thought it could had been, however nothing was done to save the cinema in ‘Bang Bang’.

While Siddharth had a hard time in understanding conclusively whether he can use creativity in an official remake of ‘Knight and Day’, Hrithik is busy trying harder to achieve ‘Aamir Khan’ like perfectionism in his acting abilities. But there are a lot of other things that can go wrong apart from acting and probably Hrithik’s judgement on choosing flicks is now questionable ( Remember Kites as well).

So does ‘Bang Bang’ hold any substance to it? Yes, you cannot ignore the action scenes which bang bang carries, and probably the ones that drove you to screens.

In a nutshell, Even with brilliant action scenes, above average songs and good acting, it all ends as being pointless as a kheer without sugar.

StoryLine and Background

An official remake of Knight and Day, the story has hardly any variance sports in its content. Knight and Day was an average flick, copying it doesn’t make sense either. This mostly results in a hoola-loop of action-song-dance, while it definitely does presents us with some really good action, the best Bollywood has done so far, but it all stands lame enough to frustrate you.

Set in a similar background where apna duggu is a daredevil thief and steals Kohinoor and is on a run from the cops and international bad man (played by Danny Denzongpa and Javed Jaffrey). Meanwhile, he will be found singing dancing with Katrina and drive you crazy in first half.

Character Performances

Katrina Kaif did her part and felt slightly week in front of Hritik Roshan’s acting ability.  There is no complaining in the acting performances of Danny, Javed as well.

Hrithik Roshan is simply good and looks worthy enough for charging 30 Crores, for playing Rajveer.

Screenplay and direction

Good job done by Vikas and Sunil and everyone involved in making those action scenes happen in Bollywood. I’ll assume someone other than Siddharth with someday utilize these stunts in way better form. With such a big poised budget, skilled army of artists and exceptional team, the directional duty of connecting dots and weaving an average tail out of it was that difficult ?

Bang Bang Movie Review: Overall Verdict

I would avoid Knight and Day, and this being a remake, doesn’t makes enough of substance with lack of creativity. Especially because entertainment is lot more than just mindless ‘Bang’. With Bollywood progressing, it is essential to cater for audiences with brains.

Watch for

Duggu’s action scenes.

Avoid for

Everything else.

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