#SRK17Million Fans: Top 10 Signs of Shahrukh Khan fans
Shahrukh Khan - The Global Superstar

There will be no other khan than goes from epiglottis as memorable as SRK. Shahrukh Khan a.k.a. King Khan rules our heart, but are you his ultimate fan?

Stars to bhut hote hai par superstar bas ek hi hota hai and no points of guessing that we are talking about the superstar himself. Ab agar star hai to uske fans bhi honge and agar fans honge to woh bhi superstars se kam nahi honge.

As SRK celebrates 17 million fans on twitter and we know it all because of his loyal fans, we present to you the top 10 signs of SRK fans. His fans deserve equal applause as he does.

Top 10 signs of Shahrukh Khan fans

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His Dialogues are the only words your speak

Shahrukh Khan Fan

SRK movie releases are no less than big festivals for you. You start planning and discussing his new movies among your group and on social media sites way before their release.

Palat Scene Shahrukh Khan

You must be a bit flirty by heart. Every time you met a beautiful girl you think ‘Agar usne Palat ke dekha.’

SRK in Baazigar

You are a Baazigar by nature. There is some Madan Chopra in your life whom you hate more than anything else. Kyunki ab sailaab aayega.

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SRK in Chennai Express

Your favourite style to board a train is

SRK in Ra.One

To you Ra. One is the coolest superhero. Krrish, Superman, Spiderman…. Bitch please.

SRK's different experssions

You end up with SRK as your desktop, cellphone wallpaper

SRK Flirting with Kajol in K3G

 You approach a girl like this

Shah rukh Khan Kissing Kajol in K3G

Ah! and you can be a bit unexpected at times

Top 10 Signs of Shahrukh Khan fans - SRK story to stardom

You feel inspired by SRK’s story to stardom and every time to get a chance you would love to share his story with others.

To me these are the Top 10 signs of Shahrukh Khan fans. Now it is your turn to prove that you are a SRK Fan. Comment fast and trend this one. Keep following us if you are a true fan.

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  1. 1..I like his Acting and dance very much 2..I am inspired with his reserved personality 3..His humble nature and lot of patience even after listening unbearable remarks 4…He is the pride of India but he does not feel proud 5…He gives respect to all even haters 6…He is a good father and does not ignore his family 7…He speaks English very nicely..8…I am the best Fan of SRK because I can tell any dialogue of his movie if I ask 9…I can tell what he is thinking at the moment 10…I am his best FAN because he donates for needy people..an angel