Sunny Leone reveals how she felt meeting Shah Rukh for the first time!
Sunny Leone reveals how she felt meeting Shah Rukh for the first time!

Baby doll Sunny Leone is one of the luckiest actresses who got the chance to work with Megastar Shah Rukh Khan. Describing her first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan on the sets of ‘Raees’, Sunny Leone reveals that she has embarrassed and irritated Shah Rukh a lot by continuously thanking him for offering the item song in the movie.

“The funniest thing was the first time I met Shah Rukh on the set. I was exiting the set, I saw him, we started talking. I told him ‘Thank you so much for having me as part of the song. I am so excited’. Again a lot of thank yous, and he said ‘No! We are happy to have you.'” explains Sunny, blushing when she took Shah Rukh Khan’s name.

Sunny also adds that when she met Shah Rukh, her hair was up in a messy hairdo and that got her embarrassed. “Then I go back to my vanity and the lady who did my hair, she had put my hair in this big gigantic helmet curl thingy, and I said to myself ‘Really? That’s what you look like when meet Shah Rukh Khan?’. It’s not even possible for me to be cool for like half a second, and just say hello, meet properly. Instead, I just looked weird. “Do you know what I mean? No? I’ll show you.” Sunny literally messed her neatly set hair to show us what exactly was wrong with her head at that special moment with SRK.

The teaser of Sunny Leone’s item number in ‘Raees’ titled Laila O Laila, which will be the remixed version of classic number ‘Laila o Laila’ starring Zeenat Aman, was out a few days back and since then fans have been trending #LailaOLaila on Twitter almost every day tweeting their anticipation for the song.


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